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Help And General FAQs

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General FAQs

1) How do I return a defective product for replacement?

We want you to be happy so we try to make this as painless as possible. The first step is to call 800-333-9953 to get some help and/or to confirm that the product is indeed defective. If it is, you'll be given an RMA number and instructions on how to ship it back to us. Please make sure that all parts are rewrapped and protected in the box. A refund or exchange will be sent when the original product is received. Please let us know if you need expedited service.

2) How do I get my replacement fast?

Our general policy is to send out replacements only after we have received the defective product. We then ship the product regular ground. If you need the product quickly, you may purchase the new product, have it sent, and then we will credit your account once the original product is received and inspected.

3) How do I return a product for a refund?

Pedestals are custom items, therefore not returnable, so please make your selection carefully. Please call and talk to a service representative at 800-333-9953 for any further information.

4) Something is missing in my order

Thoroughly check the entire package and box. Kits are sometimes attached to packing materials and occasionally overlooked. If you can't find something, call our customer service number 800-333-9953, and let us know what you're missing.

5) Something is damaged during shipping

Always inspect a package as soon as it arrives. If the delivery driver is still present, have him note the damage. This will make it easy to process a claim with the shipping company. Call us and let us know about the damage so we can file a claim with the shipper and get your product replaced. You will be given instructions on the phone about how to return the damaged product.
Note: You must file this report within 5 business days after receiving the order.

6) What I received is different from what I ordered

Please call customer service at 800-333-9953 and let us know what you're missing. If we made a mistake, we'll fix it immediately.

7) You may have charged my order twice

We keep an online log sheet for all credit card charges. Our online transaction software does not allow charges to the same credit card twice. If such charges are confirmed, we will issue a credit quickly. Please call us before you call your credit card company. If there is an incorrect charge, we will help rectify it immediately.

8) My package arrived one day after the estimated date; may I get my shipping refunded?

No. UPS and FedEx do not guarantee ground shipping to residential addresses. Some air shipments are guaranteed but it is extremely difficult to get a refund for late delivery. Shipping refunds for late air shipments will be decided on a case by case basis.

9) I canceled my order, but it was still shipped

Once you hit the buy button an order is created. You must call to cancel an order. If the package has already been sent, you will be given instructions on how to proceed.

10) What's the status of my order?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Out-of-stock items ship in 1-3 weeks. You can use the UPS in-transit map to help determine when a package will arrive. When your package is shipped, you'll receive an e-mail from UPS with your tracking number. You can then come back to this site and track you package.

11) I called your office but no one answered

Our business hours are 8-5 Mountain Standard Time (MST), Monday-Friday. No one will answer phone calls out side business hours. We try to answer all calls, but occasionally you will get the answering machine or answering service. Please leave a message and we'll respond as soon as possible. If your question isn't immediate, send us an e-mail and someone will usually respond in a few hours. Our office is closed during most national holidays.

If you have a question, please see if you can find an answer online at our web site first. 95% of the questions asked through telephone and email already have an answer at our web site.

12) I sent an email twice but received no reply

E-mails will be answered only during business hours. Our normal e-mail response time is 2-24 business hours. During peak time such as Monday, response to emails may be delayed.

13) Ordering outside the continental United States

Since shipping charges vary for orders shipped outside the continental United States, you need to first provide us with your appropriate information so we can supply you with a quote. You can provide us with this information by phone 1-970-493-2594.

Product FAQs

1) How much will it hold?

200 lbs, but read on. We typically rate our pedestals far below their actual ability to hold a static load. For example, we just tested a load of 1,800 lbs, on an acrylic pedestal with thin, 3/16ths walls. We are always doing zany tests on our pedestals. THIS WAS AN EXTREME TEST AND IS CERTAINLY NOT WHAT WE WOULD EVER RECOMMEND. Take a look!

2) What qualifying questions do we need to ask ourselves about stability?

a) Is your pedestal, when combined with the piece being displayed going to end up top heavy? Remember this- Smaller(footprint) + taller = faller!

b) Is the piece well balanced over the pedestal?

c) Is the piece anchored to the pedestal?

d) Is the pedestal located in a place where it can be bumped or hit by a powerful wind gust?

e) Is the piece being displayed lightweight and susceptible to wind gusts?

3) When do I reinforce the top?

a) When very heavy pieces are placed well within the edges with a small amount of contact area. This could possibly cause sagging, again this is something of a judgement call please chat with us if you are unsure..

b) When a piece is going to be bolted on and would create unusual stress on the top plate. A cantelevered piece for example might create such a situation.

In either case, we would double up on the top thickness and likely place "floor joists" underneath. We also place extra bracing along the vertical joints to create an extra hefty joint. The cost is surprisingly reasonable and well worth the peace of mind. Call for pricing if you have any concerns.

4) Gosh, your displays look so sweet! But, I don't see the size I want. Might you be able to make me something to match my amazing sculpture?

While we have done some work assembling some of the more common display sizes, we also love to work with our clients to build the display of their dreams. Should that dream be outside the box we can still make it. If you can dream it, we can probably build it.

5) Lighting? Why do I need lighting?

Lighting is one of the most important features in displaying your piece. Lighting can make a piece go from blah to BAM! A spot light would most benefit a translucent piece lighting it up from the inside out. Ambient tops and overhead lighting are amazing options for any piece. If you are confident of where you piece will be most appreciated, it is also totally acceptable (and affordable) to install overhead ceiling lighting.

6) When do I anchor or stabilize my pedestal?

If there is any concern that your piece could be broken or harm someone. This is a personal judgment call. We suggest some methods:

a) Order Museum/Quake Wax. This is like a clear putty that will take jarring bumps. Ask people in San Francisco if this is useful stuff! It's clear, doesn't stain, and is removable.

b) Adding a False Bottom. This easy, non permanent method is simple. We add a removable, "false bottom" panel to your pedestal so that you can load a few sandbags, and re-attach the panel. This lowers the center of gravity and adds good old "mass" to the pedestal making it more resistant to bumps.

c) Double stick Foam Tape

d) Screw it down with a locking sub base.

7) Wow, what a sharp looking pedestal! How can I keep it clean?

Windex is great for all laminates and acrylics. Our wood products are real wood, so any quality wood cleaner is fine too. Pledge, etc...

8) I would love for my beautiful sculpture to spin on the pedestal? What if my piece is too big for the turntable?

Our turntables are raised about 1/8" so that if your piece needs to hang off a little, it won't scrape on the pedestal border. Please specify the diameter of the platter and realize that we typically make the platter about 1.5 inches smaller than the outside diameter or dimensions of the pedestal. We also highly recoomend that your piece is contained within the turtable platter itself

9) I really like your pedestals, but I don't see the exact finish I want. Can you help?

We've taken some of the guess work out by offering some of the more popular, classic and beautiful finishes. That being said, the possibilities are almost endless. If you see something you want, get a sample or a part number and we can quote and craft your perfect display.

10) I want to change out the bulb in my Spotlighted or Ambient Lighted Pedestal, what bulbs can I use?

WARNING FIRE HAZARD: DO NOT USE INCANDESCENT BULBS! Incandescent light bulbs produce too much heat and when installed in our pedestals can cause them to melt or burn the pedestal. We only reccomend using either a compact fluorescent or LED bulb which come in a variety of colors and lumen levels. If you have any questions please call us.