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Pedestal Source: Hand Crafted Pedestals A Xylem Design Store

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Overhead Lighting

Overhead Lighting (LED)


Light your art from above like nature does. Our exclusive Overhead Lighting System is a sleek and elegant choice for highlighting any piece of art.
Our unique system features 2 telescoping, stainless steel rods, in both 36" and 60" heights, which are fully adjustable. This makes it super easy to set the light to the most appealing level for the displayed art. We use a LED bulb for the most realistic, full spectrum light available. The bulb itself is also adjustable, pivoting to the perfect angle.

You have two options: An Integrated version and a Retro-Fit version.

Integrated Version: When you order a pedestal and an Overhead Light together, the lighting will come integrated. The telescoping arms will retract into the pedestal itself.

Retro Fit Version: If you already have a pedestal in which you would like to add Overhead Lighting, you will receive a kit specifically designed to be added onto the back if the pedestal with minimal work.

For more information on lighting sculptures on pedestals please click: pedestal lighting.

Set Up



These lights can be sold separately as a kit. Please refer to the above video for assembly instructions.

All orders outside of Continental U.S. must call 970-493-7458 to receive accurate shipping rates.


Overhead Adjustable LED Light 36



Overhead Adjustable LED Light 60


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  • Handcrafted in Colorado
  • Exclusive Design
  • Telescoping overhead LED light
  • Swivel head adjustability
  • Great for home, office or trade shows
  • Can be used on most "Featured Pedestals"
  • Call us with your questions
  • Suitable for pedestals 15" or deeper only!
  • Pedestals are not returnable, so choose your items carefully.
  • Not intended for outdoor use.



36" and 60"








Shipping Time

Your deadline is our first priority! We can produce a custom pedestal order in as little as 24 hours. If you have a deadline just Call us on the Toll Free #: 800-333-9953. There will be a Rush Fee for pedestals that are subject to rush production. Please call for pricing details If there is no hurry, our standard production time is 2-3 weeks.

All orders outside of Continental U.S. must call 970-493-7458 to receive accurate shipping rates.

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Pedestal Review
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display pedestal


Rated by: Ann Mcphee   Date: 04/14/14

Michelle please say a huge thank you to the two gentlemen who made the plinth. Ian and I are truly delighted and the service has been outstanding. I hope you like the photograph of it in situ.
Many, many thanks Michelle.

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display pedestal


Rated by: Harold M   Date: 5/3/13

Everything worked out just fine thanks, as you can see attached pictures.

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Display pedestal


Rated by: Harold B   Date: 4/3/13

I had promised to send along some pictures once my West Coast Native Mask had been mounted using your overhead pedestal lighting. I think you will agree that the effect is rather startling and the lighting really hi-lights the features of the mask.

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Display pedestal


Rated by: Rob P   Date: 1/26/13

We are very happy

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display pedestal


Rated by: Millie B   Date: 3/4/11

Thank you for all your help and by the way my Chihuly looks beautiful with the direct
light on it.

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Rated by: Christine    Date: 7/28/2010

Dick and all at Xylemdesign:

The nine pedestals and 4 light systems arrived yesterday exactly on time as the driver said when he called earlier in the morning!

There were some "crush marks" here and there but your packaging was so good that none of them got to the pedestals themselves.

The pedestals are gorgeous! Thank you so much for your guiding me through the process long distance over the phone, for sending them so promptly and for making such beautiful pieces to begin with! Your customer service could not have been better.

Thank you from beginning to end!

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