Are You Wondering How to Properly Care for Unfinished, Cherry Wood Pedestals?



Solid cherry pedestals that sport neoclassic design elements continue to be very popular among today’s consumers. The ones that we have in stock are hand-crafted in the Centennial State and feature durable, finished joints. Consequently, each one of the unfinished pedestals is capable of holding up to 200 pounds of weight at one time. Of course in order to keep them functional and fabulous, it’s important to provide sufficient care.

Unfinished, cherry wood pedestals will age over time, giving it a unique hue. The speed at which that occurs will depend on how much natural light exposure is present and what the air quality is like in the room. For example, rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that face south tend to get a lot of sun. Therefore, the cherry wood is likely to darken within days. Thanks to the pervasive nature of airborne materials like nicotine, the same may be said for rooms where cigarette or cigar smoke is present.

If nicotine and other air pollutants have altered the appearance of unfinished wood pedestals, it may be possible to undo some of the surface damage. However, nicotine normally brings a bad odor along with it. So it’s best to try and keep the smoke at bay. To remove the nicotine stains, try warm water, a clean cloth and non-abrasive, unscented detergents that don’t contain bleach or bleach byproducts. In many instances, the technique works.

Joined cherry pedestals also tend to expand and contract in response to its environment’s temperature and humidity levels. At Pedestal Source, our expert woodworkers have built-in allowances to keep those normal responses from weakening the cherry pedestals over time. Nonetheless, it never hurts to try and maintain a stable environment anytime hardwoods are part of the room’s furnishings. Humidifiers, dehumidifiers and HVAC systems may help in that regard.

It’s a good idea to damp dust the cherry pedestals on a routine basis using distilled water and dusting sprays, oils or polishes. Some of the may contain ingredients that will reduce the appearance of scratches and counteract dryness as well. Examples include generic beeswax polishes, paste waxes, Shaker oils and Finish Feeder®. To learn more about caring for solid cherry wood pedestals, please contact us today.

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Bring Plant Life into Your Home with Pedestal Displays


If you are interested in bringing plant life into your home, there are several ways you accomplish this goal. One way to do this while avoiding potential problems is with pedestal displays, which also gives you plenty of customization options to make sure you get to bring plant life inside and have exceptional results.

Keep Up High to Avoid Pet Problems
Pedestal displays are great because they keep the plants off of the ground or on desks or tables where pets are likely to jump on in an attempt to reach the plants. It is ideal to opt for a solution that does not allow your pets to jump on because there is just enough space for the plants to fit perfectly.

Requires Minimal Space
If you have a fairly small home, you may want to bring plants inside, but you are having trouble with finding enough room to make it happen without creating clutter. Fortunately, pedestal displays are customizable to match exactly what you want and need, so you do not have to worry about size.

Coordinate with Style
It is best when you have various materials and design options to choose from for displays because the plants and display will look great when they mesh with the rest of the home or room in terms of style.

Position for Maximum Sunlight
An additional benefit of using a display pedestal is that since it is raised off the ground, you will have an easier time getting your plants the sunlight they need to thrive indoors.

With so many size, color, and material options for a pedestal, there is no reason you cannot get a custom-made pedestal that not only looks good on its own, but helps you bring plants into your home.

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Pedestal Wood: Which one is Best for Aesthetic Movement Inspired Designs?

Despite having taken place more than 140 years ago, the Aesthetic Movement still holds sway over today’s interior designers and architects. Just type the movement’s name into Pinterest’s search box and you’ll see what we mean. You’re likely to find a cavalcade of pins devoted to the important period, which incidentally ran from 1870 until 1900. Much of the furnishings, woodworking related sculptures and architectural design elements associated with the movement included ebonized pedestal woods and rich mahogany. So if you are looking to recreate the vintage look in your home or business, we suggest going with dark black, deep red or chocolate brown pedestal woods first.

Mahogany Wood Veneer Pedestal_medium

In addition to dark pedestal woods, materials from the Aesthetic Movement often included the use of highly polished metals, mirrors, mood lighting, marquetry and gilt accents. Therefore, it’s fair to assume that spotlighted, brushed metallic, golden travertine and illuminating mirrored turntable pedestals could be worked into Aesthetic Movement design schemes too. We have all of those available through our online pedestal store and are willing to custom design models for Aesthetic Movement centered environments.

However, we recommend that whichever pedestal surface you gravitate towards, that the base be rectangular or square in form. They were the shapes used the most by the Aesthetic Movement’s furniture designers, woodworkers and other members of the artistic community. They also tended to prefer asymmetric as to symmetric room layouts. The layouts were often based on the floor plans found in Japanese and European homes or businesses from that same period.

To learn more about selecting the right pedestal woods for homes and businesses that embrace the Aesthetic Movement’s design sensibilities, please contact us today. Our museum grade pedestal woods are available for both residential and commercial applications. Plus, we often have wall displays, display cases and halogen lighting on sale too.

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Showcase Your Buffet with a Pedestal Display

White Laminate Display_medium

If you are growing frustrated with your old methods of handling parties, we may be able to help. Here are three ways to handle them differently. Showcase your buffet with a pedestal display.

Pedestal displays create extra space for your holiday items, because we all know there’s never enough room at the table. Display desserts, side dishes, or whatever you can’t fit at the table on decorative stands. We even have a pedestal display large enough to hold all of your items for a traditional style buffet. Our custom wood displays blend perfectly into holiday decor. Choose from oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, etc. There are many sizes and custom features available like lighting, dust covers, and more. Also, use the Barton Wood Plate Display next to your buffet for easy access to dishes.

Use pedestal displays year-round for celebrations like birthday parties, baby showers, graduations, or any time you are entertaining guests. Creatively design pedestal displays of candies, cupcakes, vegetable trays, beverages, or whatever you plan to serve. The options are endless. We have acrylic displays in a variety of colors to compliment any themed party you throw. If you’re looking to kick your party up a notch, try our concrete, aluminum, and steel pedestals. They are specifically designed to exhibit the utmost sophistication.

If you’re looking for something less flashy, try our economy pedestals. You can use these simple pedestal displays any day of the week. Sometimes you have unexpected guests, and that’s when you need quick set pedestals. They’re easy to assemble and portable.

It seems like there’s never enough counter space, and having a few pedestal displays makes life that much easier. We have pedestals for your every need whether you use them three times a year or three times a week. One thing is for certain, you’ll use them.

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Our Lighted Pedestal Bulb Standards: BEWARE

Bulb Standards
Dear Customers,
If you have one of our lighted pedestals (spotlight or ambient), please DO NOT USE AN INCANDESCENT BULB! Only use a CFL or LED bulb UP TO 25 WATTS. The wrong bulb could cause a fire.
A customer tried to use an incandescent bulb and it started to smoke! We have never had an issue with this in the ten years we’ve been building these lighted pedestals and we don’t plan to have one in the next ten. Click the video above for more info.
We love our customers and hate the idea of our product putting them and their homes in harms way. Thank you for trusting us with all of your display needs!
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Inverted Pyramid Pedestals Make Great Additions to Latin American Decor


In ancient times, many civilizations incorporated pyramids into their architecture, art, sciences and religious practices. Among them were the Mayan Indians and other residents of Latin American countries. So with September 15th marking the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to talk about inverted pyramid pedestals and how they may enhance Latin American design schemes.

At Pedestal Source, we have inverted pyramid pedestals that sit on top of black laminate bases and feature veneer surfaces that come in assorted colors and finishes. Some of the inverted pyramids are constructed with fully illuminated, wide bases or sport single spotlights. Others are not designed to light up.


Because the Mayans were known to build pyramids to sun and moon deities, the lighted pedestals could be used to highlight artwork featuring their images or related symbols. For example, the Moon Goddess is often pictured with other deities like the Jaguar God and the Maize God. Sometimes she is pictured with white rabbits and images of the moon too. So the pedestals could be topped with statues of rabbits and jaguars or glowing orbs that resemble the moon.

The civilization’s Sun God, also known as Kinich Ahau, took many artistic forms as well. The list includes, but doesn’t end with images of water birds, parrots, canoes and water plants. They were often incorporated into masks that featured a representation of the deity’s face. Therefore, the inverted pyramid pedestals could be utilized to display tribal masks, pottery filled with rainforest plants and sculptures of mythical birds.

Of course the inverted pyramid pedestals could be used to highlight more than just the Mayan Moon Goddess and the Sun God. They could draw attention to Mesoamerican-style textiles, photographs of actual pyramids and anything else that is meant to be spotlighted. To learn more about our inverted pedestals and how well they blend into Latin American design themes, please contact us today.

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Pedestals with a Midas Touch May Light Up a Building’s Design Scheme

Blame it on American’s love of bling or an inherent fascination with shiny things. Either way, golden travertine is showing up in home and business designs a lot these days. We’ve seen it used in everything from luxury vinyl flooring and living room furniture to tile work and lighting. So we couldn’t help but join in and create golden travertine pedestals. They’re perfect for a wide range of applications, if we do say so ourselves.


Our golden travertine pedestals are made with high quality, ½-inch thick substrate and first rate, satin finish laminate. The smallest one stands 3-inches high and has a 9-inch footprint, which makes them matchless for use with walk-in closets. Think about it. They could be placed in the closets and used to display designer jewelry, belt buckles, cuff links and other luxurious accessories.

Though our pedestals are available in stock sizes, we can build custom to the exact size you need to fit your space or piece of art. Most of our pedestals are built to support upwards of 200 pounds, so they can easily hold that Tiffany lamps, murano glass sculpture, or oversized flower urn.

Based on our years of experience and what we’ve seen at design and trade shows, golden travertine looks stunning paired with black colored furnishings and fixtures. The dark shades make the pedestal’s brilliant golden surfaces pop. To learn more about golden travertine pedestals and how to customize them to meet your size and lighting needs, please contact us today!

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Cylinder Pedestal Stands Enhance Geometric Pattern Design Themes

One of the latest trends to sweep through interior design magazines is the bold use of geometric patterns and shapes. So many people are now working on incorporating pieces like cylinder pedestal stands into their personal and professional spaces. There are various ways to do this that will enhance a contemporary theme.


For example, white and black cylinder pedestals could be lined up along the entire length of one wall and topped with black and white photography. As an extra added touch, the photos could be placed in alternating white and black frames (e.g. black cylinder, white photo frame).

Brushed aluminum cylinder pedestal stands, on the other hand, could be placed at the entrance to a space and topped with industrial, mixed media or steampunk art to create an interesting pattern. Pinterest has quite a few pictures of steampunk sculptures that will give you an idea of the type of art and patterns that would pair perfectly with our metal finish pedestal stands, round or otherwise.

We’ve also got a series of wood veneer clad, cylinder shaped pedestal stands. The wood grain finishes inherently have their own patterns, which would only add to a geometric design scheme. One that tends to be favored by pattern enthusiasts is our zebra wood veneer cylinder pedestal. They come complete with a semi-gloss finish and a manual turntable option. Of course not all of our cylinder pedestal stands have such bold, wood grain patterns.

Some are more muted and therefore well suited for striking, geometric sculptures by artists like George W. Hart. He has quite a few pieces that feature several different wood grains and color combinations. The list of other artists whose work would look great atop our wood veneer cylinders includes Horst Kiechle, Zachary Abel, Laurel Roth, and Robert Wechsler.

To learn more about cylinder pedestal stands and how they can help make a geometric pattern design theme come to life, please contact us today. If you act now, you may be able to take advantage of our sale on round pedestals and other display aids.

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Collapsible Pedestals: Perfect for Displaying Student Artwork in the Classroom

With art classes getting ready to start up at schools all across the country, we wanted shine a spotlight onto collapsible pedestals. They are perfect for displaying student artwork during parent-teacher nights and other classroom events. Plus, the ones that we have in stock are designed to fold flat. So they’ll fit easily into classroom supply closets, where they may be stored in between events.

When choosing collapsible pedestals for the classroom, consider going with a black satin melamine finish. They typically mesh well with all classroom color schemes and will lend an air of gallery-like sophistication to any student event. Plus, the school janitors will undoubtedly appreciate how easy it is to keep the pedestals clean.

Then select a pedestal height that is likely to put the artwork at, or slightly below, a student’s eye level. For example, the majority of American n 5-year olds are around 44-inches tall. So Preschool and Kindergarten teachers may want to go with a 40-inch tall pedestal at stand-up events. Displays that require the children to remain in their seats may be better suited for collapsible pedestals that are 30 or 35-inches tall. That way, the children are more likely to get a better view of the art while they are seated.

As far as the collapsible pedestal’s footprint goes, it should be dictated by the size of the students’ art projects. In most instances, stock, collapsible pedestals have footprints that range from 11.25 to 20-inches in size. And each one should ideally display one child’s work. That said, it may be helpful to order at least two pedestals per student. One of the pedestals should be at the low end of the footprint size range and the other should be at the high end. To learn more about selecting collapsible pedestals for classroom displays, please contact us today.

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Art Pedestals and Classes are Loved by World Leaders and Private Citizens Too

In early 2014, the international news media outlets’ headlines exploded with news connecting a former U.S. President to fine art classes. Many people were fascinated with the news and we don’t blame them. After all, who would have imaged that the man who once held the fate of the free world in his hands would now be holding a paint brush and displaying his work on art pedestals? Ummm….us, that’s who!

We know how attractive fine art classes and art pedestals can be to so many different people. That’s because we produce some of the best, museum quality art pedestals in the world. Plus, we know that through the years, there have been other world leaders who’ve taken up a palette a time or two. Among them were Jimmy Carter, Winston Churchill, Vladmir Putin and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Bush apparently loves to create portrait paintings. Interestingly enough, Eisenhower favored portraits for a time too. However, he also seemed to enjoy painting landscapes as did Churchill. Carter, on the other hand, has produced paintings of animals, landscapes and people. And Putin’s work, thus far, has been quite contemporary.

World leaders apparently like to do more than just paint and display their work on art pedestals in their off time too. How do we know that? Well, there’s even been an entire book dedicated to former U.S. President’s pencil sketches and random doodles. It contains the impromptu artwork of men like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. So as you can see, we weren’t really surprised to learn that G.W. Bush decided to dabble in the arts as well.

To learn more about art pedestals that are beautiful enough to display the work of all artists, please contact us.


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