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Clear Acrylic Fluted Column Pedestal #206

Clear Acrylic Fluted Column Pedestal #206
  • Great for Collectables, showrooms, high end displays, and tradeshows.

We no longer carry this product. However, please email or call us if you need to source this product. We would be happy to help.

Product Description:

A narrower version of Pedestal #204, the circular top is 12" wide. Made of clear acrylic and customizable. When you think of a classic Greek fluted column, this is what you imagine. Handcrafted from clear acrylic, this is a stunning display stand. Coming in a standard size of 12" diameter and 3 heights 36", 40", and 44". While this is designed to hold a variety of art pieces up to 75lbs, we can also beef it up to handle heavier objects.

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