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Custom Display Pedestals, Boxes and Cases


Because we have so many options available to customize our products, it's helpful to categorize your options in the five categories below. If you're not exactly sure what you want, this is a good place to start building from the ground up. If you can't find what you're looking for on this list please don't hesitate to give us a call!

    • 5-Side Pedestals
    • 6-Side Pedestals
    • Cylinder Pedestals
    • Image Pedestals
    • Bradford Pedestals
    • Tapered Pedestals
    • Hexagonal Pedestals
    • Octogonal Pedestals
    • Wall Hung Displays
    • Slant-Top Displays
    • Nesting Displays
    • Donut Displays
    • Collapsible Displays
    • Portable Displays
    • U Tables
    • Showcases
    • Display Cases
    • Table Bases
    • Waterfall/Rounded Corners
    Pedestals come in 36 standard sizes, ranging in weight capacity between 10 and 300 lbs. But please call us if you need an unlisted size or greater weight capacity than recommended for any specific product. We have created displays as tall as 15 feet and are capable of achieving any number of custom dimensions that hold up to and beyond 500 lbs.
    • Wood Veneer
    • Laminate
    • Acrylic
    • Dyed Wood Veneers
    • Textured
    • Metallic
    • Special Order
    • Melamine
    • MDF
    • Particle Board
    • Plywood
    • Holes and Grommets
    • Acrylic and Standoffs
    • Clear Lacquer
    • Opaque Lacquer
    • Stain
    • Powdercoat
    • Reveals
    • Special Order
    • Flush Doors
    • Overlay
    • Locking Miter-Hinge
    • Drawers
    • Shelves

    For an exhaustive guide to our lighting options, including bulb types and diameter, color and Kelvins, on/off/dim switches and remotes, go here.

    • Ambient Light
    • Spotlight
    • Corner Lights
    • Overhead Light
    • Showcase Light/Light Hood
    • Sign White Lights
    • Sleeve with Ambient Light
    • Manual Turntable
    • Motorized Turntable
    • Rotating Top
    • Toe Kick
    • Stability Plate
    • Wheels
    • False Bottom
    • Casters
    • Floor Anchor
    • Wall Anchor
    • Dust Cover
    • Security Cover
    • Locking Door -- key or magnet
    • Step-Ups
    • Acrylic on Standoffs
    • Frosted Top
    • Contrasting Top
    • Removable Top
    • Direct-to-Surface Printing

      Have your personalized logo or design printed directly onto the surface of your Pedestal Source product, using top-of-the-line, durable ink to create a vibrant image that lasts.

    • Vinyl Die-Cut Stickers

      A vinyl die-cut personalized logo or design applied directly to the surface of your Pedestal Source display. The thick, scratch-resistant sticker will seamlessly adhere to any of our available surface materials.

    • Laser Engraving

      Have your personalized logo or design laser engraved onto your Pedestal Source product for ultimate durability and sophistication.

    • Full Color Wraps

      Don't confine your printed pattern or image to just one side of your pedestal -- with a full color wrap, we can apply any color of design to 2, 3, or all sides of your product for 360 degrees of personalized ambience.

    • Push-Throughs with Backlit Acrylic Lettering

      Add depth to your product's logo with backlit, push-through lettering that uses aluminum-routing and provides a halo-effect for the lighted focal point.

We Offer Design Assistance

Our skilled and experienced designers know how to meet your needs, whether you need it stronger, curvier, taller, you name it. We work with you to develop your display from a vague need to a perfect fit. Whether it's a phone call, shop drawings or a session on the Gemba Cam, our goal is to achieve perfect clarity as quick as possible. Call today for step-by-step design expertise.

It's All About the Details

While we pride ourselves in completing and shipping products in record time, nothing comes before quality of craftsmanship. Whether it is a single unit or a thousand, if it is not built to our exacting standards it doesn't leave the door.

We Offer Bulk Production

Need a lot of displays? Need them fast? We have you have your back. Using lean manufacturing principles we are able to produce quickly while ensuring the highest quality of our products both custom and standard.

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Please thank Ben and your entire crew for the fabulous pedestal. Itís perfect!
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I received my pedestal today, as promised, and am extremely pleased with it. I have attached a photo of it with the sculpture I purchased in Alaska. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It's just what I wanted. Thanks to you and all of the crew who worked on this. I really appreciate your follow-up and attention to detail - even down to how to open the box. Pretty impressive. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.
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