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White Laminate Pedestal
5 Star Rating out of 5 By Allen H on 03/15/2018

Received in perfect condition. Here's how it looks!
customer submitted  image

Custom Display
5 Star Rating out of 5 By Mike B on 03/13/2018

Attached are pictures of the Pedestal you made for us, and the sculpture "Dancing Bear". They look great together.
customer submitted  image
customer submitted  image

Black Laminate Pedestal with Ambient Light
5 Star Rating out of 5 By Ann L on 03/08/2018

Thanks so much! It is fantastic!
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Rosewood Alder Wood Pedestal
5 Star Rating out of 5 By Michaelene G on 03/08/2018

I have one more carton to unpack but I had to stop and let you know how thrilled I am. An Exquisite product wrapped in awesome customer service. I just love the labels on the box. And the fun that seems to be imbued in your company. My sister wants to work for you, riding the pedestals around on Horseback in the mountains. ???? Here's a picture of the first one installed. Thanks again,
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