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Zebrawood Vertical Reconstituted Wood Pedestal
5 Star Rating out of 5 By Brian G on 10/31/2019

I absolutely love my beautiful new Zebrawood pedestal and sincerely appreciate the attention to detail. The fact that they did it right the first time and that it arrived without incident meant a great deal to me. The personalized video and pack of gummy bears were also a nice touch! ????
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White Gloss Laminate Pedestal
5 Star Rating out of 5 By Chris T on 10/21/2019

Totally blown away when my pedestal arrived. Thank you to everyone at Pedestal Source, you all are the best. Can't wait to make another order very soon.
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White Quick Set Collapsible Pedestal
5 Star Rating out of 5 By Nicole C on 04/02/2019

I strongly recommend looking at this company if you're looking into buying a pedestal! I ordered the White Quick Set Collapsible Pedestal and it is wonderful! Easy to transport and set up. Mainly, I had a great experience in terms of customer service. They really cared about getting the pedestal to me in time for an important art show! I'll be using my pedestal for the foreseeable future at my art school!
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White Laminate Pedestal with Spotlight
5 Star Rating out of 5 By Juana R on 12/08/2018

Customer Care Representative Mike Taylor assisted me with selecting the perfect pedestal. He was a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond my expectations to answer all my questions. The pedestal is absolutely stunning and enhances my Art Deco statue beyond my wildest dreams.
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