Custom Pedestal Job: Brushed Aluminum Cylinder

We received a call last month from a first time client.  We love first time clients. It’s a chance for us to show some one new who we are and how we can serve them. And here’s the thing about this new client, they are the Midwest’s largest manufacturer of gas and diesel engines. This was a chance for us to offer our service to a huge audience. Who, by the way, have a huge audience of their own.  And here’s the other thing about this client~they made a pretty tough request.   They wanted a cylindrical shaped pedestal made out of real brushed aluminum.  The words sound simple, the actual process of shaping that aluminum is not. Enter our pedestal pro, Loren. With patience, persistence and a desire to get the product just right, Loren was able to create just what the company wanted.  It was amazing. It actually looked like a piston from an engine.  Loren is not only an expert craftsman, he’s an artist.  If you’re looking for a specialty custom pedestal, give us a call.  We not only have great customer service and competitive pricing, we have creative pros like Loren standing by to make your vision a reality.

2 Replies to “Custom Pedestal Job: Brushed Aluminum Cylinder”

  1. Hi,

    This is a beautiful pedestal!!! I’m viewing the custom brushed real aluminum cylinder. How would a cylinder with measuring 52″ h x 26 diameter?

    Thank you.

    Lori Shorin

    1. Hi Lori,

      Thanks for the comment. We can certainly do custom cylinder sizes but I am not sure what you are asking. Give us a call at 800-333-9953 or email me at and I’ll be happy to chat about your needs.


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