Create Glamorous Wedding Reception Decor with Custom Pedestals

A quick survey of bridal magazines and it’s easy to see that summer and fall 2013 are all about vintage glamour. If you do decide to go with the trend, consider using custom pedestals throughout your wedding reception area. They are an excellent and refined way to convey the feeling of timeless elegance. Read on for a few decorating suggestions:

Urban Pedestals

If you plan on using metallic accent colors, our line of urban pedestals would be ideal. Take the Lighted Brushed Aluminum Laminate Pedestals for example. They would look exceptional either lining the corridor to the reception area or placed throughout the wedding reception venue itself. Each pedestal is capable of supporting 75 pounds or less. Thus, you can use them to highlight romantic centerpieces that match your wedding’s theme. Other materials found within our urban pedestal line are polished concrete and handcrafted steel.

Wood Pedestals

Are you hoping to create a Great Gatsby vibe instead? If so, our wood pedestals may be more appropriate. The Burlington Round Fluted Wood Pedestal and the Camden Wood Pedestal are two to consider. The round fluted pedestals would look outstanding placed at an entrance way and topped with cascading flowers. Flowers and greenery to consider placing on top of the custom pedestals are calla lilies, orchids and English Ivy. The Camden Wood Pedestal, on the other hand, would look lovely adorned with flowers and placed on each side of the gift table.

Laminate Pedestals

Our custom pedestals also come outfitted with various laminates. They could be used to create an elegant, Hollywood feel. The laminate pedestals vary in size, shape, color and sheen. Popular finishes on offer are black star granite, high gloss black, crystalline ice, black alicante and antique topaz. To work them into a classic Hollywood design, consider topping each one with art deco sculptures or flower vases.

Would you like more suggestions on how to incorporate custom pedestals into your wedding plans? Contact us toll-free at 1-800-333-9953 or use the live chat option on the Pedestal Source website. We are also on Pinterest and Facebook.