A Pedestal Display for Art that’s Lighter than Air

Have you got a beautiful piece of art that you would like to display in your home, but it would be lost on the floor and it’s too big, or unusually shaped, to display on a bookshelf? Or do you want to place something in the midst of a window bay, but don’t want to lose the light that would be blocked by a traditional wooden or stone pedestal? These are some great opportunities to employ an acrylic pedestal display stand.

Here are some more of the many reasons why you might want to consider this unusual material for your display pedestal.

  • Your more ethereal art objects will appear to float in the air when placed on one of our clear acrylic pedestals.
  • A bright, reflective object can easily be lit from below, in an infinite variety of colors-just choose the color of light you wish to use.
  • The acrylic pedestal itself can also be tinted in a variety of colors if desired.
  • We have a frosted option, which allows filtered light to pass through the pedestal, making it appear to glow from within.
  • We have a wide variety of standard heights available, or you can request a custom size for displaying an unusually sized or shaped object.
  • We can easily add a turntable to allow your multi-dimensional art object to be seen from all angles.
  • With the addition of an optional dust cover, your delicate art object will be protected from inquiring hands or unexpected bumps.

Acrylic pedestals will make your more unusual, airy art works and sculptures appear to float on air, so check out our options online today and order this perfect solution for your unusual display needs.