The Right Display Pedestal Can Make All the Difference

Here’s an interesting story about a bike sculpture that was recently installed in Simsbury, Connecticut. Its creation was a community effort with 61 financial contributors, in addition to donations of labor and materials. Costing over $10,000, the Simsbury Bike Sculpture was created by artist Vicente Garcia, who cut, shaped and welded almost 200 pieces of recycled steel to make the art piece, which is three times the size of a regular bicycle and weighs over 500 pounds.

The sculpture was commissioned to commemorate Simsbury’s unique status as the first and only bicycle-friendly city in Connecticut. But, as the first article notes, once the sculpture was installed, viewers immediately noticed a deficiency: “The bike sculpture gets a little lost the way it’s currently displayed,” a community spokesperson admitted.

The problem is the sculpture is just sitting on the ground. Therefore, efforts are underway to build a pedestal to display it so that this $10,000 sculpture won’t be mistaken for an over-sized, rusting bike frame inadvertently left out in the weather.

Many people don’t realize the impact that a pedestal lends to a display. A good pedestal not only supports and elevates, its clean lines, unique styling, strategic lighting, or bold color can dramatically enhance the object put on view. While we at Xylem Design draw inspiration from ancient sources in the creation of our models, many of them are so new that they are patented or have patents pending.

Our pedestals are hand-crafted for beauty and functionality. We take great pride in our product and our business practices, which are based in the principle that “what goes around comes around.” Above all, our pedestals are stable, sturdy and finely balanced.

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