Dress Up Your Indoor Market Booth with Retail Display Pedestals

As an indoor market vendor, you know that attracting people to your booth can be tough. This is often the case during the summer months when the market’s full of competitors trying to capitalize on the influx of seasonal tourists. In those instances, one superior way to standout is to incorporate retail display pedestals into your booth space. Here are a few suggestions:

Showcase Pedestals

Do you have fragile, luxury items in stock? If so, consider using one of our Down Light Showcase Pedestals. The retail display pedestals come outfitted in either a wood veneer or satin laminate. Thus, consumer handprints should wipe off of the pedestal’s base quite easily. Each pedestal stands 72 inches high and is topped with an abrasion resistant, see-through case. The Acrylite case features a discrete, magnetic door that you can use to quickly set up your display item. You also have the option of choosing down or ambient lights.

Illuminated Pedestals with Sirens

If your booth is in a high traffic area, one of our other retail display pedestals may be best. Take our Illuminated Pedestal with locking cover for instance. It comes outfitted with a key and built-in siren system that will help to reduce incidents of retail shrinkage. Thus, you may want to use the retail display pedestal to show off your business’ collection of cell phones, diving watches and gold bracelets.

Economy Cardboard Pedestals

Our Black Superlight Economy Cardboard Pedestals are another option to consider. They are ideal for use at indoor/outdoor, weekend markets that require vendors to break down their displays every Sunday. That’s because the pedestals fold-up and weigh very little. Don’t let their portability and low weight fool you though. Each one can hold up to 75 pounds and withstand 15 mph winds. The cardboard retail display pedestals range in height from 12 inches to 42 inches. As such, you could purchase several of varying heights and position them into a cluster.

For a look at other retail display pedestals that may help your vendor booth standout, contact us at 1-800-333-9953.