Outdoor Summer Entertaining and Events Made Easy with Pedestals

When most people think of outdoor summer entertaining, pedestals are likely the last thing that comes to their minds. That’s because they don’t realize all of the ways pedestals can enhance an outdoor event. With that said, here’s a look at several ideas:

Hosting a poolside cocktail reception? Consider placing Quick Set Collapsible Pedestals in strategic locations and decorating each one with a votive candle. Your guests could use your pedestals as a temporary resting spot for their wine glasses. Our quick set collapsible pedestals stand anywhere from 30 to 40 inches high and are surfaced with 1/2 inch thick melamine. The melamine is easy to clean and assemble. Thus, they would be ideal for such applications.

Want to use energy efficient, ambient lighting at an evening, outdoor art show or tented wedding reception? Add ultra-attractive, Sign Lighted Pedestals into the mix. Made from 3/16 inch thick acrylic, they come in different colors and feature interior LED lights. The pedestals can withstand 100 pounds of pressure and range in height from a modest 3 inches to an eye-catching 42 inches. The 3 inch pedestals could feasibly be placed on top of outdoor buffet tables to highlight gourmet cupcakes, cookies or other confections. The taller pedestals could be topped with fresh flowers, framed artwork, sculptures and more.

Holding an outdoor sporting event that involves giving large trophies to the winners? Setting up a Square Pillar Custom Pedestal would be an excellent way to draw attention to it. Surfaced with high-gloss acrylic, the pedestal is 16 inches wide and can accommodate trophies up to 75 pounds. In the daylight hours, the sun will cause the pedestal’s surface to look positively stunning. At night time, it could be lit up with the aid of outdoor stadium lighting. Pedestal heights range from 36 inches to 44 inches. As such, you could easily position it on top of a standard, portable banquet table or other similar object.

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