Quality Pedestals for Student Sculptures

So summer is here and the living is easy, right? Well, not exactly. Even if you’re a college professor, summer is a busy time, in which you are doing your own research, putting the finishing touches on new classes for fall, and trying to coax one more year out of all your classroom materials. If you teach in the fine arts, you are probably also trying to figure out how you can breathe new life into the limited display options you have for your students’ sculptures. Fabric swatches only work for so many years before it’s time to admit that the display pedestals you have available are just too old, shabby and beat up to do justice to your students’ creativity.

The good news is that some states are, at last, raising college budgets after repeated years of budget cuts in our difficult economic climate. This means that there could, indeed, be funds available for a modest investment in sculpture pedestals.

We have a number of reasonably priced, professionally designed pedestal options which are very suitable for displaying student sculptures. Here are some of the features that make our pedestals your best choice.

  • We have a number of display pedestals which are designed for trade shows. This means that they are easy to disassemble and store flat in limited space-a helpful characteristic when you have limited storage space in your college art room.
  • We have lightweight, economically priced pedestals for smaller sculptures as well as stronger, shorter pedestals and cubes for larger, bulkier pieces.
  • We have standard black or white pedestals, with both gloss and matte finishes, which will display a wide variety of sculptures without detracting from them.