Illuminated Displays make your Art Pop


No matter if you’re an art enthusiast or a casual collector, you know that good presentation can be the difference between mediocre and stunning. Being able to bring out the best in your best pieces can make your collection into something spectacular. Especially when it comes to small sculptures – a good pedestal is a work of art in and of itself, and can complement your collection in completely new and novel ways.

Nothing draws attention to your pieces better than a well-crafted illuminated display, and Xylem Design’s new downlight display cases are the perfect solution for any collector or collection. Handcrafted in Fort Collins, Colorado, these beautiful cases are fully customizable and come with your choice of overhead or ambient underlighting.

These pedestals give you a full 360 degree view of your sculpture in a stylish glass enclosure – no visible hinges, hidden lock, and nearly invisible wiring, so all you see is a work of art in a beautiful display case. To accent your art further, the overhead lights clearly illuminate the piece, while ambient LED underlighting can provide slight colored accents, or white light to prevent shadowing. This LED underlight can be set to cycle colors, or replaced or layered over by colored or uncolored panels or mirrors to further complement your art in the best possible way. When it’s time for a new look, you can easily change up the display itself, or switch out the sculpture and retool the pedestal to complement the new piece.


Even better, Xylem Desgin downlight display cases come in either traditional or contemporary designs, so you can pick whichever best fits your home and collection, whether it’s a sleek black laminate or a flourished mahogany veneer.

Xylem Design has been helping art collectors, interior designers, and trade show organizers make sure their displays stand out for over 25 years. Our custom crafted pedestals, display cases, and cube tables are the perfect fit for whatever your display needs may be. Visit our website today, or call us toll free at 1-800-333-9953 to order your illuminated display case.