The Secret to Great Pedestals for Sculptures: Complementing your Art and Decor

You’ve just started collecting art, but now you’re at a crossroads. How are you going to display your sculptures? Whether you’re just starting or you want to upgrade your current pedestals, Xylem Design’s handcrafted displays are perfect for any sculpture or collection. It’s always good to keep in mind just how your pedestals synergize with both your art and your home’s decor – after all, they’re very important supporting roles for your centerpieces.

That’s a lot to keep in mind when looking for pedestals for your sculptures, but here are some quick tips for choosing the right pedestals for you, your home, and your collection:

Traditional: For a more traditional look, our Bradford line makes for a great choice – the tapered design and flourishes makes for a great accent to older pieces, and its wooden construction lends a very warm atmosphere to the room. If you’re prefer a more modern, though still very dignified display, our granite laminate pedestals might be just the thing. For your most special pieces, one of our lighted display cases might do the trick – the hidden door locks and wiring make for a seamless combination of modern technology and classic design.

Modern: For the modern high-rise condo, there’s nothing to better complement your decor than our laminate or acrylic pedestals. For smaller pieces, our sleek wedge design makes for a great accent, while more prominent pieces can be complemented well with one of our many lighted displays. For the best in modern chic, though, a strong statement piece like our Image High Gloss Pedestals combines a bold design with sleek, clean edges to bring out the best in your sculptures.

Contemporary: For a more relaxed modern look, the tried and true polished concrete design makes for a great choice. Often found in contemporary art museums, these utilitarian, though decidedly warm, displays can lend the same look to your home. For more exotic pieces, a simple bamboo pedestal can be all the accent you might need. Not only does it bring out the natural beauty of your home, the contrast with your sculpture makes it stand out all the more.

Xylem Design’s custom-made, handcrafted pedestals are perfect for any home or collection. Visit our website today, or call us at 1-800-333-9953.