Contrasting Artwork with Art Pedestals to Produce an Eye-Catching Display

Many people try to make the art pedestal blend with the artwork that sits on top of it. This is done in an effort not to detract from the artwork. You want to give the viewer the impression that the artwork is the important thing and not the pedestal.
However, matching a white pedestal to a white sculpture can get a little boring. It actually makes more sense to contrast the pedestal to the artwork on top of it. So a white sculpture can be placed on a black pedestal.

    Here are a few more ways to contrast artwork with art pedestals:

  • A metal sculpture, such as most of the works of Rodin, can be placed on top of a pedestal with a wooden finish such as our Neoclassic Hardwood Pedestal.
  • An African mask, in dark wood, can be placed on top of a pedestal with a blond wood finish, such as our Maple Wood Veneer Pedestal.
  • A sculpture with a geometric shape such as something in the form of a star or a snowflake, can be placed on top of a circular pedestal, contrasting the pointed edges of one with the smooth circumference of the other.
  • Similarly, a circular sculpture or a globe representing the earth can be placed on top of a square pedestal.
  • Something delicate, like a crystal display, will look fantastic on a dark, heavy base, such as our Black Alicante Laminate Pedestal.
  • Something dark and heavy, on the other hand, would contrast admirably with a glass pedestal such as our Clear Glass Acrylic Pedestal.
  • You can bring out the colors of a colorful sculpture by putting it on top of a white pedestal.
  • If you have a small waterfall at home in a setting of pebbles and stones, you can contrast the amorphous natural shapes with something that looks modern, like our Modern Black and Clear Pedestal.
  • So no matter what type of object you’re looking to place on a pedestal, you can try to contrast the two and create an eye-catching display. Contact us for more information on pedestal displays for your museum, art gallery, home or display window.