Create an Integrated Experience in Art Appreciation Through the Use of Gallery Pedestals

In an art gallery, displaying sculpture or important artifacts on a pedestal not only saves space but also creates an interesting visual counterpoint to paintings that may be hanging on the wall. When customers enter an art gallery, their first impulse is to stick closely to the walls and go through the paintings one by one. This enables them to take in as much information as possible about each painting.

An Integrated Experience in Art Appreciation: Viewing art in a linear way won’t give the customer the entire experience of the room or the gallery. When you take the focus away from the walls and bring it to the floor space through the use of gallery pedestals, customers can get a more integrated experience. They will start to notice the floors, the ceilings, the lighting fixtures etc.

The Importance of Perspective: In order to draw attention away from just the walls, you can use pedestals to display sculpture, vases or anything that would benefit from being viewed from all angles. Whereas paintings are two-dimensional, there are other objects that are three-dimensional. Human figures carved out of wood, marble or metal are three-dimensional objects that will benefit from different points of view. Ancient artifacts and furniture are also better appreciated when they are viewed from various perspectives.

So the use of pedestals in galleries and museums has a twofold benefit. It allows the object itself to be viewed in different ways and breaks up the gallery space as well, bringing attention to how objects have been displayed.

Creating Contrast: If you want to create a contrast between paintings and sculpture, pedestals can help to do this as well. Paintings that have a modern feel, like the geometrical shapes of Wassily Kandinsky, can be contrasted with classical, realistic sculpture based on a Greek theme. Or you can go with a light/dark contrast as well, with paintings that contain lighter colors and sculpture made of dark metal.

Either way, the use of pedestals in art galleries and museums can help in the appreciation of art but also bring about an appreciation of the aesthetics of art arrangement. Contact us for pedestals to display your art and artifacts.

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