Show off your work at the next Maker’s Faire with our affordable trade show displays

We’ve been downright shocked at how do-it-yourself projects have taken off in the past few years. Makers Faires are attended by everyone from kids to adults, with skill sets ranging from professional to amateur. While the variety of creation seen at these Faires is widespread, there are a few points everyone can follow to show off their work in the best possible light.

Give it space: Have you seen valuable relics in museums that sit apart from everything else? Perhaps there’s only one painting on an entire wall or perhaps there’s just one sculpture in a room. By giving each piece its own space, you can imply high value without ever saying a word. There’s a reason phrases like “on a pedestal” imply something that sits above the rest in terms of unique value. Set your pieces on individual art pedestals to maximize attention.

Illuminate: Kids sometimes put on plays with nothing more than a flashlight. Holding it under your chin, you’re telling a horror story. Shining down from above, the story becomes friendly or even romantic. The value of good lighting surpasses storytelling, however. Photographers might spend tremendous amounts of time and investment to light their subjects perfectly. For someone interested in showing off their own creations, sub-standard lighting simply won’t do.

Complement lines: Are you showing off a geometrical form with sharp edges, acute angles, and straight lines? Try creating an effect of sharply focused light on a pedestal with the same straight edges. If your work is geared more toward function and less toward design, you’ll want a subdued art pedestal so attention isn’t drawn from your creation. Round objects tend to look best on rounded displays with softer edges. No matter what design you’ve chosen for your work, we can discuss with you how to create the optimal custom wood pedestal display to show off your creation.

To find upcoming Maker Faires in your area, check out the Maker Faire website. For more information on how to present your work in the best possible way, please feel free to contact us. From illuminated displays to custom wood pedestals, we offer the best in affordable trade show displays.

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