Simple and Elaborate Pedestals Displays to Set off Unique Pieces of Jewelry

To put someone up on a pedestal is to idolize them. This may not generally work with people because, after all, we’re only human, but when it comes to works of art, artifacts, jewelry etc., there is no better way of indicating how precious that thing is. To have a pedestal completely devoted to displaying one thing puts the spotlight on that thing (especially if you’re using a pedestal with a spotlight). So it’s a way of indicating that the object that is being presented is extremely valuable..

Jewelry as the Focal Point: We’ve all seen a version of that cat burglar movie where the burglar, dressed in black, enters through a vent in the ceiling and, suspending himself with the use of a rope attached to his waist, steals a diamond from a pedestal! If that diamond had been displayed along with many others in a display case, how would we have known that there was something different or special about it? Through its segregation from the rest of the jewelry in the store or the museum, it became the cynosure of all eyes.

Simple and Elegant Pedestal Displays: If you look at window displays recently, you’ll find the same sparseness of objects which brings the eye to the few pieces that are displayed on their own pedestals. There’s something clean and elegant about displaying just one diamond brooch on the dark velvet background of a bust placed on a pedestal.

Intricate vs. Solid Pedestals: When displaying delicate jewelry, you can match the style of the pedestal to the jewelry. By picking something delicate-looking like our fluted column pedestal, you can create a display which has an intricate, posh look. On the other hand, you can go with something that contrasts with the delicate jewelry, such as our black satin laminate cylinder pedestal which will merely provide a dark, satiny backdrop for your pieces.
Whichever look you decide to go with, you will create a display that shows how priceless those pieces are, not just because of their high monetary value but also because they’re works of art in and of themselves. And what woman could resist the lure of buying something distinctive to set off her own unique charms? Contact us for a pedestals display that will bring out the individuality of each piece of your jewelry.

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