Creating an Eye-Catching Display of Women’s Accessories with Pedestals of Different Shapes and Sizes

Nowadays, given that many accessories that go with women’s clothing are considered works of art in themselves, it’s not surprising that they should be displayed on pedestals. A pair of Christian Louboutin heels with their trademark red soles look amazing when displayed on matching pedestals. A pretty gold clutch to go with that evening gown would also look beautiful when displayed on a stark black pedestal. Jewelry, of course, deserves a pedestal; imagine how lovely those diamonds would look when displayed on a black bust atop a black pedestal.

Making an Accessory the Standout Piece: Rather than displaying accessories as part of an entire outfit, it makes more sense to display them by themselves. This encourages consumers to start viewing the accessory itself as the standout piece and not the clothing. In general, people get accessories to match with their outfits, but give them a good display, and they will start buying outfits to match with the accessories!

Mixing It Up: Another great idea when it comes to displaying accessories on pedestals is to use pedestals of different heights and shapes. If your display consists of five accessories i.e., two pairs of shoes, two handbags and a brooch, you could use a couple of display cubes to display items on a lower level, two taller wooden pedestals for two items on a higher level and a glass or acrylic pedestal for contrast. This kind of varied display invites the eye to look around and take everything in.

Making It Informal: One great idea is to make the display look casual, not formal. One shoe could slouch next to the other while one handbag remains open with a scarf coming out from it. You could also experiment with the distances at which you keep the pedestals next to each other. Rather than having them at a uniform distance, some could be closer and some further apart. Framed paintings or other types of artwork could also be made a part of the display. The whole idea is to help the viewer to imagine these items in their home and this is best done by keeping the display informal.
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