Encourage Creativity: Use a Display Pedestal for Flower Arrangements and Plants

A display pedestal is a versatile thing which can be used for several purposes. In museums and art galleries, a pedestal can be used to display sculptures or vases. At home, you can use a pedestal to display anything of value to you, from family heirlooms to rare butterfly specimens. Businesses also use pedestals to display their wares, such as jewelry, antiques etc.

Humble vs. Valuable: A pedestal may seem like a humble piece of furniture, but the things it is used to display are anything but humble. Putting something on a pedestal implies that it is of value, not just because it’s lifted off the ground but also because it’s separated from the things around it. If you have something of value, then you probably want to make sure that it has the right base as well.:

Pedestals for Flower Arrangements: One use of the pedestal that hasn’t been explored much is to display flower arrangements. You may use a pedestal to display an expensive vase, but you probably don’t think that a flower arrangement deserves so much attention. You’d rather just put it on your dining table or your coffee table. However, putting it on the dining table generally obscures your view of the person sitting across from you, and if you’re watching TV, you might want to put your feet up on your coffee table.

Encouraging Your Creativity: So consider the use of a pedestal to display your flower arrangements. You could possibly use our black wedge pedestal, anchor it to a wall and put a flower arrangement on top of it. The advantage of this kind of arrangement is that it will encourage you to keep bringing fresh flowers into your home and use your creative skills to create new arrangements every day. Even if you don’t think of yourself as terribly creative, just having a bunch of daffodils or daisies in your living room brightens up the space and keeps you from feeling down.

Pedestals for Plants: Create a Feeling of Calm: If you’re still not convinced, consider another possibility. You could use the pedestal to display a plant. Sometimes, plants which are on the floor aren’t always visible while those hanging at your window are a bit too high to water easily. A plant on a pedestal, however, is at just the right height to be seen and to create that feeling of calm and tranquility that we all need so badly in our homes. If the idea appeals to you, you could even create a display of two or three plants or flower arrangements in each room. .

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