Trade Show Pedestals: The Perfect Cure for 2014 Budget Woes

The new fiscal year is here. Have you finished calculating your trade show budget yet? If not, you might want to factor in the purchase of new trade show pedestals.

Today’s trade show pedestals come in a range of styles, many of which can help you avoid high shipping and drayage costs in the New Year. Take our Affordable Portable Pro Pedestals as an example. Made from 1/8-inch, vinyl coated MDF, they weigh anywhere from 14 to 52 pounds each and fold flat. Thus, they could easily be shipped to the exhibition site by Priority Mail. Just make sure that the package weight remains under 70 pounds.
Upon arrival, you’ll be able to transport the lightweight pedestals onto the trade show floor by hand or with the aid of a small hand truck or dolly. Once inside of the exhibition space, each trade show pedestal can be assembled, cleaned, moved and broken down quickly. So you’ll save on set-up and cleaning service fees too.

It should also be mentioned that the trade show pedestals come in a variety of heights and table sizes. The heights range from 30 inches to 42 inches. The table sizes tend to hover in the 11.25 to 15.25 inch range. Therefore, you should have no difficulty whatsoever putting the trade show pedestals to good use.

In addition, the Affordable Portable Pro Pedestals come with a heavy-duty ballast bag and can support display materials that weigh up to 70 pounds. Together, they make the pedestals suitable for both indoor and outdoor, tented trade show events.

Last but not least, the price per trade show pedestal starts at less than $100. Most rental companies that service trade show venues tend to charge $500 or more for each of their pedestals. So just imagine how much you can shave off of your annual trade show budget if you buy one or more of our Affordable Portable Pro Pedestals!

To learn more about these trade show pedestals and the other reasonably priced displays that we have in stock, please contact us at (800) 333-9953.