Illuminated Displays Can Bring Out the Best in Homemade Jewelry

When it comes time to transform your jewelry making hobby into something more, you are going to need a few extra supplies. On that supply list, don’t forget to add a a variety of jewelry presentation materials. Here’s a look at several illuminated displays to get you started:

Black Laminate Cylinder with Glass Wave Sculpture

Down Light Illuminated Displays: If you are looking to highlight a gemstone’s luster, Down Light Traditional Showcase Pedestals would be perfect. They are designed to light up jewelry and other objects from above. In addition, they feature hidden door locks and unassuming wiring. So you could pair them with double-easel necklace bust displays covered in natural linen or stretch velvet.

Lighted Laminate Pedestals: For moonstone, feldspar, pearl and spectrolite pieces, consider lighting the jewelry from below. There are various illuminated displays that are capable of highlighting such pieces. Among them are the Lighted Black Star Granite Laminate Pedestals. They feature glossy black sides and a lighted footprint. The footprints range in size from 9 inches to 23 inches. Therefore, you could top them with 5-finger or tiered, see-thru displays.

Modern Octagonal Pedestals: Clear, Modern Octagonal Pedestals with rotating tops are another form of illuminated displays to consider. Their bases are clear and gemlike. In addition, the center of the unit features a built-in light, which would emphasis the jewelry’s sheen. Because of those features, the illuminated displays would be perfect for spotlighting moonstone or multi-gemstone bracelets.

Overhead Halogen & Pedestal Combo: As you know, overhead halogen lights can also bring out a diamond or colored gemstone’s beauty. So you may want to invest in an overhead halogen light system and pedestal combination. At Pedestal Source, we have an Overhead Halogen Light that may be attached to a variety of different pedestals. Furthermore, the light also features a pivoting head and telescopic, stainless steel rods. Therefore, you can adjust it to achieve the most flattering look for your jewelry pieces.

Prism Laminate Pedestal in Granite

To learn more about these illuminated displays and others, please contact us at (800) 333-9953. We can help make your homemade jewelry sparkle just like the pros.