Recreate the Three Orders of Ancient Greece by Getting a Fluted Pedestal

If you’re thinking about getting a fluted pedestal, you have many choices. You can go with our simple but classic Burlington round fluted wood pedestal or our clear acrylic column pedestal which gives you the same simple look in clear acrylic. If you’re looking for something which is a little more innovative, you could try our illuminating frosted column pedestal which is a work of art in itself with its inner lighting. Or you could go with a sleeker version of the regular fluted pedestal, i.e. our fluted column pedestal. Whether you’re going with something simple or something sleeker and more detailed, you’ll still get that classical look with a fluted pedestal.

Burlington Wood Engraved Pedestal

Greek Architecture: The Doric Order: The design of the fluted pedestal comes from the columns of Ancient Greece. If you study Ancient Greek architecture, you’ll find that there were three orders, the Doric, the Ionic and the Corinthian. The Doric order came earliest, and the columns used in Ancient Greek architecture during this time were wide and fluted with very little decoration at the top or the bottom. Doric columns can be found on the Parthenon in Greece even today. Our simpler fluted pedestals are a little like these Doric columns because they rely on the fluting for their elegance and don’t have any ornamentation at the top or bottom.

Greek Architecture: The Ionic and Corinthian Orders: As Ancient Greek architecture progressed, the columns became thinner and longer and they also started to have more decoration at the top and bottom. You see this in the Ionic order as well as the Corinthian order. The columns become more ornate as they go along, but they still retain the original fluting which gives them their classic elegance. If you’re looking for something like the columns of the Ionic order, you can take a look at our fluted column pedestal which is slimmer than our other fluted pedestals with a wider base and top.
No matter what fluted pedestal you choose, you’re going to end up with something classic-looking. So these pedestals are great for simple but expressive sculptures such as the kind found in Ancient Greece. But they can also be used for simple flower arrangements because they’re very versatile.

Burlington Wood Engraved Pedestal with Eagle Bronze statue

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