5 Points to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Sculpture Bases

Have you recently purchased, created or received a variety of sculptures for your home or business? If so, it’s a good idea to consider pairing them with sculpture bases. Sculpture bases come in many different finishes, widths, heights, shapes and styles. So to help you find the perfect one to use with your recent art acquisitions, here are five tips:

Clear Acrylic Sculpture Base

  1. Choose sculpture bases that are sturdy enough to hold your art acquisitions without cracking or breaking. In most instances, you’ll find the sculpture bases’ maximum weight capacities listed in the product description.
  2. Select sculpture bases that complement the materials, colors and textures used to create the statue or statuette. For example, sculptures made out of polyresin materials may pair well with acrylic bases and wood carvings may look good sitting on wood laminate bases.
  3. Purchase sculpture bases that are wide and tall enough to accommodate both the artwork and the space. Ideally, the width should be large enough to allow the sculpture to be centered and the height should keep it within the average person’s sight line.
  4. Remember that the sculpture base and artwork’s appearances can be impacted by the amount of light that may be present in a display area. So you’ll want to select a base that won’t result in visually unappealing glares or shadows to occur.
  5. Buy sculpture bases that can stand the test of time. Unless of course you plan on periodically changing the sculpture bases out to match you’re developing tastes and design alterations. Sculpture bases that tend to have timeless appeal are those with solid color laminate, wood or metal finishes

Clear Arcylic Sculpture stand with art on top

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