Lighted Displays Can Help Liven Up Secret Supper Club Designs

There is no denying it. An increasing number of Americans are in love with secret supper clubs. And with all of those underground restaurants cropping up to feed foodies’ desires, secret chefs must continue to reinvent their offerings in more ways than one. That’s where lighted displays can help.

Lighted displays are practical, extremely portable and can add instant ambiance to a variety of locations. They may also be outfitted with finishes that are easy to clean and maintain in between secret supper club meetings. For example, let’s say that a clandestine dinner service calls for an ice carving. The carving could be placed in a clear acrylic base and then placed on top of the lighted display. As a result, the light from the display would shine up through the base and illuminate the ice carving. The lighted base would also cast a glow over the tables or walkways positioned near it.

Spot Lit Pedestal with an illuminated Glass Scuplture

Ice carvings are not the only items that could be placed on top of lighted displays. Fruit baskets, chocolate fountains, edible art, cupcake trees and edible flowers would work very well too. Of course the items placed onto the light displays don’t have to be edible either. The stands could hold donation jars, menu boards and other secret supper club accouterments.

At Pedestal Source, we have standard and custom lighted displays that would be perfect for clandestine, culinary events. For a hip, contemporary look, secret chefs may want to go with one of our sign acrylic lighted pedestals. They come in fun, trendy colors like red, blue, white and green. Each one runs on low-voltage, LED strip lights. So they’ll stay as cool as the secret chef who chooses to use them.

A black acrylic pedestal with 4 corners lights that are illuminating a sculpture

We’ve also got lighted displays that would fit in with a variety of other underground restaurant design schemes. Among them are lighted displays covered the granite laminate, brushed aluminum laminate and antique topaz laminate. To learn more about lighted displays and how to fit them into a secret supper club design scheme, please contact us at (800) 333-9953.