Saddle Tables Make Perfect Sculpture Display Stands for Small Homes

Are you looking to join the Small House Movement in the weeks ahead? If so, you are clearly not alone. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors’ research, it’s a trend that is increasing becoming more popular among Americans of all ages. Of course with that march toward minimalist living there will come a need for small sculpture display stands like saddle tables.

Saddle tables, also known as nesting tables, are a perfect fit for small space living. That’s because when not in use, the small tables may be stored underneath of their larger counterparts, so very little permanent floor space is needed to accommodate them. In addition, saddle tables can also hold objects of various sizes and weights.

Black laminate U table

Take the collection of saddle tables and sculpture display stands that we have on offer as an example. It includes laminate saddle tables that range in footprint size from 47.5” x 17.5” to 71.5” x 35.5”. Custom sizes and add-ons are also available upon request. For instance, the tables may be outfitted with ambient tops

Regardless of the saddle table’s size, they are all designed for indoor use and come with an array of finish options. Examples include black laminate, zebra wood veneer, antique topaz laminate, natural wood veneer and Atlantis blue laminate. Each table can also hold up to 200 pounds. So homeowners and apartment dwellers alike may use them to display art sculptures, lamps, framed photos, knick knacks, and a myriad of other home accessories with ease. The tables and display stands may also be used to hold food and beverages during a party too.

To learn more about saddle tables and other compact, sculpture display stands that are ideal for small spaces, please contact us at (800) 333-9953. We’d love to discuss the various, custom and standard options available with you in more vivid detail.