Saving Space and Creating Attractive Displays with Wall Cubes and Wall Shelves

What do you do when you want to emphasize the importance of a certain piece in your home, museum or art gallery but you just don’t have the floor space to put it on a pedestal? You don’t want to deemphasize that piece by putting it on a table or in a showcase with other pieces. You want to give it its own space, but you’d prefer it if that space was on the wall rather than on the floor. We have the perfect solution for you in the form of our wall cubes, available in black as well as white. And if you don’t have enough space for these either, you could try our floating shelves, also available in black and white.

Examples of wall cube pedestals being used in a halway with different pieces being displayed

Wall Cubes: The wall cubes as well as the floating shelves are available in a number of sizes. If you have a really small piece that you truly want to emphasize, you could go with a display cube which is only 6” x 6.25”. This is a great size for a family photo frame or a delicate piece of Dresden china. If you have a bigger piece, our wall cubes run as big as 18” x 18.25”. That’s about one and a half foot in length and breadth. So it’s a great size for something much larger, like a life size sculpture or a large flower arrangement.

Wall Shelves: Sometimes, you don’t even have enough space to fit wall cubes, in which case you could go with something even slimmer like a floating shelf. Unlike regular shelves, our floating shelf has a certain amount of heft. So if you use this to display something, you are drawing attention to it and making sure that people see it when they walk into your home or gallery. Still, these shelves are slim enough that if you have a number of different pieces to display, you could put a few shelves on a wall and come up with an interesting arrangement of sculptures or other showpieces.

Black Laminate Floating Shelves

Using Asymmetry in Your Display: A great way of creating an attractive display is by combining pieces that are quite different in terms of height and width. Having a few different shelves at different heights, in different sizes will make your display more eye-catching than using the same size shelf and putting everything at the same height. Contact us for more information to create displays that are elegant and eye-catching at the same time.