Halogen Pedestal Lights Help Turn Lackluster Displays into Inspiring Ones

It is no deep, dark secret that it takes a lot of perspiration, creativity and dedication to create the perfect piece of art. So it would truly be shameful to display it in a lackluster light. Thankfully, there are halogen pedestal lights available that can really make an artist’s work pop.

Corner lit pedestal with glass sculpture

Halogen pedestal lights are designed to last long, produce less soot and emit the most beautiful, bright, white light the world has ever seen. It is widely accepted that because of their inherent nature, the bulbs will draw favorable attention to objects and reduce viewers’ eye strain. In addition, today’s halogen pedestal lights tend to be relatively energy efficient and reasonably priced too.

On the downside, the bulbs can run hot and produce intense reflections or glare. Thus, it is important to pair halogen lights with the right type of museum quality pedestals and artwork. Otherwise, the objects on display could inadvertently heat up and the glare could create an unwanted distraction.

Corner lit pedestal with glass sculpture

At Pedestal Source, we have overhead lighting systems that are custom made for use with our visually dramatic, first-class pedestals and are sold separately for your convenience. The systems make use of halogen bulbs, pivoting hoods and telescoping, stainless steel rods. The rods are capable of reaching heights of 36 or 60-inches. Thus, they may be adjusted or otherwise configured in a variety of ways.
Designed to function as down lights, they are known to work well in various display situations. For example, they could easily be used to highlight clear, semi-opaque and opaque sculptures as well as framed paintings. Just make sure that the bulb is positioned well above the item. It should also have has the potential to provide illumination that exceeds the room’s overall lighting intensity by three.

To learn more about our pedestal light systems and how they may be used to create memorable displays, please contact us by calling (800) 333-9953.