Stunning Sculpture Stands May Help Dads Channel Their Inner Artist

Over the years, there have been many father and son sculptures that have captured the world’s attention. Among them are ones created by Louis Bourgeois, Ray Ewers and Ülo Õun. They’ve undoubtedly inspired other fathers to get creative too. If your dad is one of them, why not surprise him with a few sculpture stands for Father’s Day?

Black Laminate wall pedestal

Sculpture stands will enable him to display his best artistic renderings throughout the family home and business with pride. Depending on the sculpture stand’s dimensions and weight, dad may be able to show off his artwork at various flea markets, sidewalk shows and other events too.

At Pedestal Source, selecting the right sculpture stand for dad is easy. We have a huge collection of lighted and non-lighted sculpture stands to choose from. Some of the sculpture stands are designed to be portable. Others are best suited to remain in place. Plus, we can create custom fixtures for artistic fathers as well.

When shopping for a sculpture stand for dad, consider which sculpting mediums he prefers. If he has a penchant for using acid-free, lightweight modeling clay, any one of our sculpture stands would be perfect. However, if he loves to use heavy materials like stone or solid wood, you’ll need to be mindful of our sculpture stands’ weight limits.

Black laminate wall pedestal being used

For instance, our laminate wall pedestals can accommodate dad’s artwork as long as it weighs 15 pounds or less. Our affordable, portable pro and quick set collapsible pedestals, on the other hand, are capable of supporting sculptures that weigh up to 75 pounds. Other sculpture stands, like our polished concrete pedestals, can hold up to 400 pounds.

To learn more about our sculpture stands and find the right one for your artistic dad before Father’s Day arrives, please contact us today by calling (800) 333-9953. And when applicable, be sure to allow enough time for customization