3 Ways to Add Bamboo Veneer Pedestal Displays to Interior Designs

In home furnishings, bamboo is all the rage these days and with great reason. It’s earth-friendly, attractive, remarkably strong and comes in both natural and caramelized finishes. Plus, it can be worked into so many interior design schemes that it’s hard for most amateur and professional home decorators to resist. This is especially the case when the bamboo veneer is used to make ultra-affordable, first-rate pedestal displays.

Array or pedestals with decorative art pots

1.) Go Gilligan’s Island
Okay, so maybe we’re dating ourselves on this one but bamboo veneer pedestal displays would be perfect for creating a Gilligan’s Island type vibe. After all, the professor did make a dandy car and other items out of bamboo during some of the show’s popular episodes. Consider using our bamboo veneer pedestal displays to hold tropical plants, bowls of tropical fruits, island artwork and Gilligan’s Island memorabilia.

Art Pedestals with sculptures on top

2.) Sub-Saharan Africa Safari
Tropical islands are not the only places known to have bamboo forests. So if you’re not into an island theme, you could use the display pedestals to steam up a Sub-Saharan Africa design theme. Top them with taxidermy or sculptures of animals known to rule the Sub-Saharan African terrain. The “big five” don’t have to be the only items sitting atop your bamboo veneer pedestal displays either. Replicated, cultural artifacts and photos would look wonderful on our displays too.

3.) Salute to the Pacific Rim
Keeping with the travel theme, why not use the pedestal displays to focus on another well known area, the Pacific Rim? It’s a major producer of bamboo home products as well. Think about using the pedestal displays in an Asian style spa area. They could hold bamboo bath accessories like spa lotion pump bottles, nail polish displays, bowls of fresh sauna herbs and folded bamboo towels.

Art Pedestals with sculptures on top

To learn more about our bamboo veneer pedestal displays and get a few more design ideas, please contact us at Pedestal Source. Our bamboo veneer finishes may be paired with a wide array of display structures and we have other wood finishes in stock too.