Tips for Displaying Popular House Plants on Wood Cube Tables

House plants truly add a lot to a home or business. Depending on the selection, they may cleanse the air or fill it with delightful fragrances. They can also increase the amount of visual interest in a room or serve as culinary ingredients (e.g. herbs). That said, it always pays to display houseplants correctly with the aid of wood cube tables. Here are a few tips:

Maple Cube table

When displaying golden barrel cactus or other succulents indoors, choose wood cube tables that may be positioned in areas that allow the house plants to remain in full, bright sun. And for an extra added touch, choose a laminate finish that matches a desert theme. The list of good choices includes our Sandy Topaz, Bengal Slate, Salentina Rosso W and Deepstar Mineral W laminates.

Sandy Topaz Cube Table

Avoid putting house plants that tend to need very moist soil to thrive onto lighted, wood cube tables. That’s partially because the low heat from the cube table’s interior lighting system may inadvertently dry out the soil over time. Plus, it is never good to have water around electricity anyway. Examples of house plants that need moist soil are Venus flytraps and potted citrus (e.g. lemons and grapefruits).

While we are on the subject of wet soil, take care not to create an environment that allows the wood cube tables to be exposed to standing water. Otherwise, the dampness could damage the wood cube table’s finish. To get around that problem, consider using a combination of misting bottles and pots designed to keep excess water safely contained. Examples include self-watering containers and pots with either removable saucers or liners.

Maple Cube Table with a sculpture atop

It’s also important to keep wood cube tables and houseplants away from areas known for extreme temperature changes. Such conditions are bad for the plants as well as the wood. So avoid putting the displays near radiators, stoves or forced, hot air vents.

To learn more about using wood display cubes to display natural and artificial house plants, please contact us at Pedestal Source today. We currently have a wide range of wood cube tables in stock that would be perfect for both types of houseplant displays.