Meet the Xylem Team: Hi LJ!

Born Loren Jones, LJ is the shop’s Chief of Kaizen Operations and second in command (Yeah — it’s a big deal. He’s a big deal.) He started with Xylem Design as an entry level custom woodworker in 2011 — and the rest is history. He was at our founder’s side as they championed a Lean movement in the business beginning in January 2013, assisting in the implementation of the first two Lean practices EVER at Xylem: daily meetings and cleaning the bathroom (the ultimate sign of respect and something each team member takes turns doing).


LJ has since Leaned out his life by enacting strict regulations regarding his possessions: for every item he brings home, two must leave! (We hope this doesn’t apply this to his underpants, but you can’t stop the Lean machine, ya know…)

You can find LJ sipping on New Belgium’s La Folie — which may be more indicative of LJ’s personality than nearly any other words we could try to describe him by. I mean, just look into those eyes…

Hi LJ 👋🏻!