Meet the Xylem team series: Hi Brandon!

Brandon has been working as Xylem Design’s web developer and system administrator since 2013. You are probably asking yourself “WOW, so is he is a genius?” And, yes, he is.

Brandon is the man with the plan when the office internet goes down, your email script is just too tiny, or the spinning wheel of doom shows up to haunt you right as you were about to confirm a customer order.

Brandon has made Lean as much a digital philosophy as a manufacturing one — he leaned out our extensive library of photos by developing a tagging system for our Flickr (have you checked it out? Please do!) Not to mention leaning out his morning routine by programming an alarm clock to trigger bright lights and sounds to smooth out his entrance into a new day. (Again, he’s a genius).

But just because he’s a genius, doesn’t mean he isn’t just like you and me — he loves chowing down on a burrito and drinking a New Belgium Trippel just as much as the next guy.

Hi Brandon 👋🏻!