Why Trade Show Exhibits Are Important for Your Business

Creating the most attractive, practical, technologically advanced or innovative product won’t mean a whole lot if no one knows about it. Getting the product in front of the people who are most likely to purchase it is an essential component of a well-crafted marketing strategy.

Trade show marketing is a powerful promotional tool that brings buyers and sellers who share a common interest together in one location. Knowing how trade shows work can have a positive impact on your business in so many ways.

What Are Trade Show Exhibitions?

A trade show is a gathering of company representatives in a specific industry for promotional purposes. Usually held in large exhibit halls or similar facilities, the typical trade show setup consists of rows of individual booths.

Each company uses its allotted booth space to create an eye-catching display to attract visitors, giving the representatives the opportunity to pitch their product or service and generate interest. Exhibitors can demonstrate their products if applicable and hand out free samples or promotional giveaways.

Understanding the Importance of Trade Shows

Attending trade shows and understanding their importance can provide numerous benefits for your company:

  • Access to your target market: Because trade shows are industry-specific, they offer the perfect opportunity to reach the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service — trade shows often provide the biggest bang for your marketing buck.
  • Networking: Trade shows enable you to meet and interact with customers and “players” in your industry, which can set the stage for future business opportunities.
  • Promoting your brand: The trade show forum can help you generate brand awareness and trust, which is especially important if your company is a startup venture.

Trade Show Marketing Tips

Tips to help you maximize your trade show results include:

  • Consider paying extra to get a prime booth location that will heighten your visibility.
  • Make your display as interactive as possible.
  • Staff your booth with friendly, sales-oriented people who have a thorough understanding of your products and company.
  • Use samples, giveaways, contests, demonstrations and the like to capture and hold visitors’ attention.
  • Gather contact information and follow up after the show.

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