How to Attract Customers at a Trade Show

If you’re like most trade show exhibitors, you are always looking for ways to improve booth traffic and generate more interest in your products or services. While creating an eye-catching display is an excellent start, you can do more to draw attendees in and hold their attention. Use the following ideas to attract visitors to your booth:

1. Inform Trade Publications of Your Show Attendance in Advance

Trade journals and publications can provide an effective platform for publicizing your presence at an upcoming show, enabling attendees to plan to stop by your booth. Sending a press release or contacting an editor to pitch a new product can lead to an article where you can mention your promotional plans.

2. Hold a Contest

Everybody likes to win something. A trade show exhibition is a perfect venue for a game, quiz or contest that engages visitors and makes them want to spend more time at your booth. Of course, you will want to offer prizes as a way to entice attendees to stop and play.

3. Offer Better “Swag” Than Your Competitors

Most trade show attendees expect to accumulate a sizeable collection of giveaways. While pens, mugs and T-shirts are the preferred option for many exhibitors, veteran trade show attendees may view them as uninspiring.

You can stand out from the crowd by offering more imaginative giveaway items such as laptop skins, headphones or novelty gifts emblazoned with your logo or marketing message. The word will spread quickly among the attendees that your booth is the place to visit for the best swag!

4. Be a “Politely Aggressive Host”

Most exhibitors sit back and wait for attendees to stop by their booth. Taking a more proactive approach can generate additional visitors and make them feel like invited guests. Use a friendly costumed character to greet passersby and escort them to your exhibit. The character can also roam the floor and hand out product samples or giveaways, too.

Pedestal Source can offer additional ideas that can boost trade show traffic and maximize your return on investment. Contact us to learn more today.