Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Window Displays

Today’s smaller brick-and-mortar retailers face intense competition on many fronts. In addition to the big-box store down the street that is selling similar merchandise at lower prices, there is also the onslaught of online retailers that offer the benefit of convenient 24/7/365 shopping.

Now more than ever, designing a window display that attracts attention is essential for enticing customers to patronize your store.

Window Display Ideas

The following window display ideas can help you maximize your storefront’s merchandising potential and draw more customers inside:

  • Be creative: While there are many types of window displays, those that are the most appealing and memorable¬†are the ones that capture the imagination. Create a captivating¬†presentation¬†based on a specific theme such as the holidays, the season or a local event, or one that tells a compelling story.
  • Use bold shapes and multiple colors: Distinct shapes will draw the attention of passersby, even from a distance. Use items such as cardboard or paper mache to create exaggerated versions of the merchandise you are looking to sell. Deploying only one color will not make your display stand out. Use at least three contrasting, yet compatible colors to enhance the presentation.
  • Incorporate lighting: The strategic use of lighting will highlight your merchandise and enhance its visual impact, especially at night. Avoid hanging lights directly over the products, though, as this will cause shadows that limit visibility. Instead, place lighting where it will spotlight the item’s most prominent features.
  • Avoid clutter: The most creative window display ideas are those that combine originality with simplicity.A window display that is too “busy” can overwhelm customers, causing them to lose interest quickly or not notice it all.
  • Update frequently: Even the most imaginative and eye-catching display will become “stale” and lose its appeal. Rotating your window displays at least once per month keeps things fresh and lets customers know that your store always has something new and exciting to offer.

Pedestal Source provides an assortment of attractive, durable display products that can help you maximize your merchandise’s visual appeal and generate more traffic. Contact us for additional window display ideas for retail stores.