Steps for Organizing an Art Exhibit

If you’re an aspiring art curator, the art exhibit is the most effective vehicle for showing — and selling — your works. However, it takes a little creativity and a lot of hard work to make art exhibits a success. Knowing how to host an art show is an acquired skill that requires time, patience and persistence. You should allocate a minimum of six months before the date of the event for planning. Here are a few helpful steps for organizing an art exhibit.

Steps for organizing an art exhibit

How to Set up an Art Exhibit

Use the following steps to help you organize an art show that will generate interest and run smoothly from start to finish:

1. Develop a Concept

The best art exhibits typically include a collection of works based on a central theme. One way to hone your concept is by developing a mission statement that indicates the purpose of the show and details the types of pieces you wish to display.

2. Select the Artists

Once you have established your exhibit’s theme, you will need to recruit artists who can contribute works that support your concept. Start by contacting artists you know — even if they cannot offer pieces based on your show’s theme, they may be able to direct you to other viable candidates.

You can also put out a call for submissions in your local community and use additional recruiting vehicles such as websites and social media. Continue your search until you have enough artists and pieces to stage an exhibit.

3. Contact Galleries

Pitch to the gallery (or galleries) where you wish to hold your show. Inform them of your specific art exhibit ideas and include at least a dozen images of the works you plan to display.

You’ll also want to send a written report containing essential details such as the desired size of the exhibit area, mounting requirements and information regarding supporting educational offerings.

4. Contact the Media and Send out Invitations

Generate interest in your event by sending out press releases to the media, being sure to mention any local angles. Invite art critics and other prominent members of the local and regional art community.

5. Install the Works and Prepare for the Opening

The final step is overseeing the installation of the pieces and ensuring everything is ready to go for the big event.

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