Two Simple Ways to Increase Your Store Foot Traffic

As a retailer, you know you offer a distinct service those big-box stores and the internet just can’t compete with: Your expert curation, product knowledge and unique brand all make the shopping experience totally worthwhile to your customers. Your existing expertise aside, you may already possess two simple ways to increase your store foot traffic.

But competition for the retail dollar is fierce these days, and you have to make it immediately clear to passersby that there is more to consider besides convenience and cost.

Here are a couple of solutions for generating the right kind of customer interest and increasing foot traffic. They may be traditional marketing methods, but when you apply your creativity and local expertise with the right setup, they’re incredibly effective.

Use Window Displays to Increase Walk-in Customers

A well-designed window display will attract the attention of passersby — especially if your store is in an area with heavy foot traffic. The best window displays pique the customers’ interest and desire to take a closer look. Use your imagination to create a captivating presentation that people can’t help but notice. For more ideas, check out our blog post How UGG’s Window Displays Tell a Story That Sells.

Variety is essential when using window displays as a marketing tool. Rotate your visuals at least once a month—this will let customers know when you have new product, and sends the signal that you have your finger on the pulse of industry trends.

Two simple ways to increase your store foot traffic

Pedestal Source is a partner that delivers. They work things out,  get it right and the attention to detail is there. Prices are competitive, quality is great, the work is done right the first time and on time.” –Trina Armitage Sr. Visual Merchandising Manager at Deckers Brands; UGG

Use Store Signage to Drive Foot Traffic

You don’t have to invest a fortune in a bold neon sign—actually, definitely don’t do that. A creative, two-sided sidewalk sign placed in front of your store enables you to attract customers from either direction. Use it to announce a sale, inform people of an exciting new product or feature, promote your brand and let your company “voice” be heard.

Placing signs in your parking lot or other prominent areas near your store, or even painting a permanent sign on the side of your building can increase your visibility and help your establishment stand out. Consider updating your signage regularly with new product information, sales and inviting quotes.

For more information on how to increase foot traffic and generate more sales with creative visual merchandising displays, contact Pedestal Source. We’ll help you design a window display that showcases your product and meets your budget needs. Call us today.