How Do Window Displays Affect Consumer Purchasing Decisions?

In a time where brick and mortar retailers must compete with digital storefronts and Amazon for every dollar, finding creative ways to influence consumer purchasing decisions is paramount.  Here are a few quick tips to keep your potential customers engaged through creative window displays.

Window display advertising plays a crucial role in drawing people inside a store and encouraging them to make a purchase. 

White pedestal window displays at Ugg retail location
Ugg retail location in Toronto’s Eaton Centre

Using Window Displays for Marketing

Window display marketing that gets results requires planning, imagination and an understanding of current consumer buying habits and preferences. The most effective displays typically revolve around a common theme or tell a story that compels potential shoppers to take a closer look. The best exhibits also use color, shapes and unique design flair to make a bold statement.

How Window Displays Influence Customer Decisions

Window displays are often the initial method of engaging prospective customers — individuals may not be aware of your store and what you are offering until they notice your display as they are driving by or walking down the street.

Many consumers will base their decision to patronize your business on what your exhibit tells them. Hence, the display can make the difference between a favorable first impression that converts prospects into customers, or one that causes them to move on.

Benefits of Window Displays

When executed properly, window displays can provide a variety of benefits for retailers:

  • Low cost: Window display marketing is a much less expensive form of advertising than purchasing newspaper space or radio or TV airtime. You may be able to create an eye-catching display using materials you have in your store, and you probably already have the merchandise you wish to promote in your display in stock.
  • Flexibility: You can rotate displays as often as you wish to keep the presentation fresh and let customers know you always have something new and exciting to offer. For ultimate flexibility and ease of use, check out our affordable Portable Pro Pedestals or our Waterfall Pedestals.
  • Unlimited creativity: Think of your storefront window as an artist’s blank canvas. Use your imagination to “paint a picture” that conveys your marketing or brand message in style.

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