Create A Positive Customer Experience With Cube Tables

Create Relationships With Customers Through Your Waiting Space

Does your waiting area foster positive feelings with your clientele? According to Linda Talley, PhD., “Environmental factors play a huge nonverbal role in creating relationships with your clients which can lead to positive financial parameters.” When your customers enjoy the space they wait in, they percieve you and your business in a better light. Make your waiting area beautiful and versatile with cube tables from

A Cube for Every Purpose

  • Cube tables come in a variety of finishes, with or without illumination, to suit every decorating style.
  • Cube tables are available in standard and custom sizes, with an optional toe kick.
  • Cube tables’ clean lines allow for multiple configurations to provide maximum impact for your waiting area.

A Purpose for Every Cube

  • Set out crayons and paper, wire-and-bead toys, or train tracks to make an attractive and unobtrusive area for your customer’s children.
  • Consider an illuminated cube table to showcase a relevant product model or sculpture.
  • Use cube tables as end- and side-tables in seating areas.
  • Make your promotional materials accessible with strategically placed cube tables.
  • Welcome your customers with artfully arranged flowers and plants.

Create Positive Feelings With Cube Tables

Dr. Talley says:

“How you set up your waiting area will affect how people behave and how they communicate. People who are in beautiful, effective waiting areas have positive feelings.”

Create those positive feelings for your clients: our cube tables are an affordable option when decorating your beautiful waiting area.

Choose Trade Show Pedestals To Make A Big Impression

Each trade show you attend costs you money. Not only do you have to prepare your presentation, but you also have to rent a space at the show and rent trade show pedestals to display your products and information. These rental fees can really add up over time. Not to mention, it’s not always easy to set up those rental pedestals. That makes your set up and take down time longer than it should be.

Why not invest in attractive trade show pedestals that will be easy for you to set up and take down? You’ll save money on your rental fees, while you use a product that looks great on the trade show floor.

During any presentation, the way you position your display is almost as important as the display itself. Our trade show pedestals take the guesswork out of what your display might look like, and give you the ability to plan an excellent presentation with each show you attend. The clean lines of our pedestals are an attractive feature that will only add to the beauty of your display.

When the trade show is over, you’ll be ready to tear down your display quickly and store it in a safe place. You won’t have to be the last one to leave the trade show floor anymore, trying to figure out how to dismantle your rental pedestals so you can return them before you owe a lot of late fees.

At Xylem Design, we specialize in making your products and informative displays look like works of art. You’ll love the museum quality and the sleek, yet simple design of our pedestals. Your business will look sharp and refined, especially compared to the rental pedestals you’ll probably see all around you.

Are you ready to transform the look your display for your next trade show? We have exactly the pedestals you’ve been looking for. Visit our e-store to see our incredible selection of trade show pedestals.

Pedestal Displays for When Presentation Matters

We were thrilled to be featured in this Forbes article about the importance of presentation in business. As the story points out, any time your company is being represented, physical presentation can make a big difference in how you and your product are perceived.

We make pedestal displays not only for museums, galleries and private exhibitions, but also for trade shows, events and retail stores. In business, it’s crucial to present just the right face to your potential customers or partners. Whether it is for a one time event or a permanent display, we have a wide selection of high-quality pedestal options that can be fully customized depending on the needs of the individual client.

For a trade show or event, you need a display that will properly represent your company and your product. We offer a wide selection of pedestals and display cabinets, and we can create a custom display that will help your company stand out. Check out our easy-to-navigate gallery for some ideas and inspiration.

If you need a display for your retail store, we can design customized store fixtures as well. Take a look at our selection of shapes, sizes, colors and designs for displaying all kinds of in-store merchandise. With our cabinets and display cases, you can secure your valuable merchandise while displaying it in a way that will appeal to your customers. We offer customizable cases with lighting, sirens and locking covers.

Our customers have included Hilton, Samsung, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus, Dell, eBay, Apple and Microsoft. As mentioned in the article, it can be a challenging balancing act to maintain our high quality standards while meeting tight deadlines for our customers, but our team has always managed to come through and get the job done right, and on time.

We can do the same for you, whatever your specific needs might be. Our goal is to help you display your company and your product in the best possible light. Because in business and in life, presentation really does count for a lot.