Memorializing 9/11 – Custom Displays


We recently had the opportunity to build custom pedestals for a display memorializing the 9/11 attacks. Fire Chief Russ Wood from Glendale Heights, Illinois called us to help him design displays to feature three special items he received from a fellow firefighter in New York City: soil from the crash site in Pennsylvania, a building block from the Pentagon, and a corroded steel rod from one of the fallen World Trade Center towers.

Along with the use of our overhead lighting and custom acrylic wedges, used to tilt the soil and building block toward the observer, we also engineered a system of magnets and metal supports for the corroded steel rod to expertly display these unique, meaningful artifacts.

The goal at Xylem is mind-blowing customer service, in this case meaning we do whatever necessary to find a solution that allows the artifacts displayed to shine, without the displays themselves getting in the way. This is particularly important with sensitive projects such as memorializing 9/11.

Beyond paying condolences to the lives lost, Russ told us the display also serves to remind the Glenside Fire Department of the necessary sacrifices they perform on a daily basis.

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Laminate Statue Pedestals: Which is Better, Seamed or Seamless?


When choosing laminate statue pedestals for a home, business or museum setting, there are several decisions that must be made. One of them is whether or not the laminate pedestal should be constructed with or without a seamed edge. Personally, we prefer seamless edge pedestals for the following reasons:

No Peek-a-Boo Backing
If you’ve ever gotten up close and personal with edged pedestals, you most likely noticed a dark color around the seams. That’s the laminate’s backing and the pedestal’s base materials peeking through. In our opinion, such peek-a-boo appearances take away from a statue pedestal’s overall aesthetics and could prove to be distracting for viewers. Do you agree with our assessment?

Less Likely to Chip or Crack
In our experience, laminate statue pedestals with seamed edges are also more likely to chip or crack than ones with seamless edges. That’s because the gaps between the laminate sheets, no matter how small, have the potential to snag onto other objects, like a statue’s base. And those repeated snags may eventually cause the statue pedestal’s exposed edges to weaken, chip and crack.

Less Likely to Become Unglued
Keeping with that same line of thought, a laminate statue pedestal’s seams have a better chance of becoming unglued as well. Why? Those small gaps also allow moisture and cleaning solutions to seep down behind the laminate and potentially degrade the glue. Once that happens, the sheets of laminate may begin to separate from the pedestal’s base material.

No Crevices for Dust Bunnies to Hide
A lack of seams also goes a long way in keeping the pedestal loving dust bunnies, bacteria, fungi and other grime at bay. With seamed statue pedestals, on the other hand, there are often nooks and crannies for those materials to hide in and build over time.

To learn more about the advantages of choosing laminate statue pedestals with seamless edges, please contact us at Pedestal Source today.


Art pedestals with dust covers will protect your museum from becoming a heist victim

Museum professionals are well aware of the brazen acts of art thieves. Their impudent crimes make headlines weekly and despite the best efforts of art detectives, some of these crimes are never resolved. Small paintings and valuable easy-to-grab objects such as historic jewelry, ceramics and ancient collectibles are the items of preference for these heist masterminds.

Dust Cover_medium

A simple and affordable investment to prevent your art institution from becoming a heist victim can be found in clear acrylic dust covers for art pedestals. These precision-made transparent covers can safeguard precious art objects from environmental concerns such as dust, UV rays and humidity; while also creating a protective capsule that becomes the first line of defense versus would-be thieves or just clumsy museum goers.

Clear acrylic covers can be added to your pedestals or review our selection of in-house constructed pedestals that accommodate the dust covers with a crisp step-up system. The pedestals and cover combos can come with locks or security screws that prevent the acrylic top from being removed or tampered with. Art thieves have been known to go the extra mile by replacing valuable tokens with replicas and facsimiles to attain the sought after masterpieces. Locking systems give custodians of artifacts the key to maintaining an undisturbed display.

Turntables, spot light or ambient light systems can be included to the dust cover pedestals. These display solutions not only guard against robbers but will elevate the art objects by giving them an impressive home. Whether you are a museum curator concerned with invaluable works of art and objects of historical importance, or an art collector in need of protection solutions, consider the peace of mind that these custom pedestals with clear acrylic dust covers can provide for you. Contact us to learn about our American made display products and their security features.

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Stock Up on Art Stands for Creative Beginnings Month Events Now

Do you know which artistic holiday kicks off each year on May 1st? It’s Creative Beginnings Month. So, you may want to contemplate stocking up on art stands now. They’re a wonderful way to spotlight work by burgeoning artists of all types as well as key pieces completed by professional artists of note. Consequently, the stands may be used often and will fit into most event planners’ promotional budgets for Creative Beginnings Month festivities.

Walnut Turntable

If you don’t have a lot of funds to work with for Creative Beginnings Month promotions, ask our art stand experts about Pedestal Source’s economy line. It contains 3-part, portable pedestals that cost less than $60 each. They are perfect for day, week or month-long events involving children, offsite venues, large crowds and limited budgets.

Larger, more complex art stands are available at Pedestal Source too. Even though they are not as portable as the stands found in our economy line, many event planners love utilizing them in high-profile situations. They tend to like the way the art stands look in photos and videos. Furthermore, they appreciate the craftsmanship, thought and quality of materials that goes into every aspect of each art stand’s construction.
We have art stands manufactured from wood, metal, laminate, acrylic and other materials that would be appropriate for Creative Beginnings Month events. Subsequently, if you have a particular need, please let us know. We’d be delighted to craft the ideal art stands for any given event. Plus, we can design corresponding components for your Creative Beginnings events too. For instance, our artists can build oversized display cases, tables and wall shelving for events that are expected to last longer than a day. To learn more about our complete collection of art stands and custom services, please contact us online or toll-free at Pedestal Source.

Join us for a Conversation with Ritsuo Shingo in Fort Collins, CO

A Conversation with Ritsuo Shingo, Presented by Xylem Design

When:   May 12, 2015 @ 8:30 – 11:30 AM

Where:  Powerhouse Energy Institute

(430 N College, Fort Collins, CO 80524)

Space is limited!

Reserve your seats now by emailing


Recommended For

Executive leaders

Owners of small to large companies

General Managers

Lean Leaders

HR and Culture Leads

Anyone curious about Lean Manufacturing



Gain insider-insight to Lean leadership and best practices for successful culture development from a sensei of Lean in an intimate setting. Come with your burning questions!



Presentation by Ritsuo Shingo (2 hrs)

Q&A with Mr. Shingo (1 hrs)


Ritsuo Shingo Bio

With over 40 years’ experience in lean manufacturing, Ritsuo Shingo started working for Toyota in 1970 and later became the president of Toyota China and Hino Motors. Mr. Shingo currently heads the Institute of Management Improvement, a company started by his father, Dr. Shigeo Shingo, who was instrumental in the creation of the Toyota Production System. Mr. Ritsuo Shingo consults with high-level corporate executives worldwide on the subject of Lean leadership and has extended the commitment to Lean into the next generation of world-class organizations.

Tips for Displaying Popular House Plants on Wood Cube Tables

House plants truly add a lot to a home or business. Depending on the selection, they may cleanse the air or fill it with delightful fragrances. They can also increase the amount of visual interest in a room or serve as culinary ingredients (e.g. herbs). That said, it always pays to display houseplants correctly with the aid of wood cube tables. Here are a few tips:

Maple Cube table

When displaying golden barrel cactus or other succulents indoors, choose wood cube tables that may be positioned in areas that allow the house plants to remain in full, bright sun. And for an extra added touch, choose a laminate finish that matches a desert theme. The list of good choices includes our Sandy Topaz, Bengal Slate, Salentina Rosso W and Deepstar Mineral W laminates.

Sandy Topaz Cube Table

Avoid putting house plants that tend to need very moist soil to thrive onto lighted, wood cube tables. That’s partially because the low heat from the cube table’s interior lighting system may inadvertently dry out the soil over time. Plus, it is never good to have water around electricity anyway. Examples of house plants that need moist soil are Venus flytraps and potted citrus (e.g. lemons and grapefruits).

While we are on the subject of wet soil, take care not to create an environment that allows the wood cube tables to be exposed to standing water. Otherwise, the dampness could damage the wood cube table’s finish. To get around that problem, consider using a combination of misting bottles and pots designed to keep excess water safely contained. Examples include self-watering containers and pots with either removable saucers or liners.

Maple Cube Table with a sculpture atop

It’s also important to keep wood cube tables and houseplants away from areas known for extreme temperature changes. Such conditions are bad for the plants as well as the wood. So avoid putting the displays near radiators, stoves or forced, hot air vents.

To learn more about using wood display cubes to display natural and artificial house plants, please contact us at Pedestal Source today. We currently have a wide range of wood cube tables in stock that would be perfect for both types of houseplant displays.

3 Ways to Add Bamboo Veneer Pedestal Displays to Interior Designs

In home furnishings, bamboo is all the rage these days and with great reason. It’s earth-friendly, attractive, remarkably strong and comes in both natural and caramelized finishes. Plus, it can be worked into so many interior design schemes that it’s hard for most amateur and professional home decorators to resist. This is especially the case when the bamboo veneer is used to make ultra-affordable, first-rate pedestal displays.

Array or pedestals with decorative art pots

1.) Go Gilligan’s Island
Okay, so maybe we’re dating ourselves on this one but bamboo veneer pedestal displays would be perfect for creating a Gilligan’s Island type vibe. After all, the professor did make a dandy car and other items out of bamboo during some of the show’s popular episodes. Consider using our bamboo veneer pedestal displays to hold tropical plants, bowls of tropical fruits, island artwork and Gilligan’s Island memorabilia.

Art Pedestals with sculptures on top

2.) Sub-Saharan Africa Safari
Tropical islands are not the only places known to have bamboo forests. So if you’re not into an island theme, you could use the display pedestals to steam up a Sub-Saharan Africa design theme. Top them with taxidermy or sculptures of animals known to rule the Sub-Saharan African terrain. The “big five” don’t have to be the only items sitting atop your bamboo veneer pedestal displays either. Replicated, cultural artifacts and photos would look wonderful on our displays too.

3.) Salute to the Pacific Rim
Keeping with the travel theme, why not use the pedestal displays to focus on another well known area, the Pacific Rim? It’s a major producer of bamboo home products as well. Think about using the pedestal displays in an Asian style spa area. They could hold bamboo bath accessories like spa lotion pump bottles, nail polish displays, bowls of fresh sauna herbs and folded bamboo towels.

Art Pedestals with sculptures on top

To learn more about our bamboo veneer pedestal displays and get a few more design ideas, please contact us at Pedestal Source. Our bamboo veneer finishes may be paired with a wide array of display structures and we have other wood finishes in stock too.

Tips for Decorating a Room with Mirrored Pedestals

Mirrored pedestals remain one of the best decorating items of all time. When used correctly, they attract the eye, brighten up the place and make most vignettes look positively fabulous. What follows is a bright and shiny peek at how to utilize and care for them the best way possible:
When choosing a location for your mirrored pedestals, take a quick survey of the other reflective surfaces and elements present in the room. Ideally, the mirrored pedestals should be positioned in a way that doesn’t create an unfavorable reflection or glare. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a mirrored pedestal in front of a beat up old chair or an architectural flaw that you’re hoping to hide from view.

Mirrored pedestal with rotating turntable top

It’s also a great practice to place mirrored pedestals in a way that helps to make them the focal point of a room. To figure out where that spot is, go out of the room. Then walk back in and make a note of what you saw upon entering. In most instances, that area will be one of the best places to decorate with a mirrored pedestal.

If that original focal area happens to be a particularly ugly one, don’t worry. Consider fooling the viewers’ eyes into thinking that another spot in the room is the main focal point. Often times, such trickery may be completed with a fresh coat of paint, adjustable lighting, a bit of furniture rearranging and the addition of a large wall display.

Unexpected movement can also draw the eye, so settling on mirrored pedestals that feature lighted, rotating tops may solve focal point dilemmas too. At Pedestal Source, we have several mirrored pedestals that have those design elements. They range in size from 36-inches tall to 44-inches tall, which is perfect for adding depth to vignettes.

Once you have your mirrored pedestals set-up in the perfect spot, be sure to keep their surfaces streak free. Frequently, the best way to accomplish that is by spritzing the mirror with a 50/50 blend of distilled water and white vinegar. Then wiping the surface down and buffing it with a chamois or other lint-free, ultra soft cloth.

To learn more about selecting, positioning and cleaning mirrored pedestals, please contact us today. Our mirrored pedestal pros may be reached via our live online chat or by dialing (800) 333-9953.

Premium Museum Display Stands Can Help Pull Local Exhibits Together Properly

Starting a community museum is a rather large undertaking. To begin with, there is all of the advance preparation needed to obtain the building and artifacts. Then there is the matter of pulling it all together to create exhibits that people are actually going to enjoy and want to see multiple times. For that, community organizers should consider investing in museum display stands.

Hanging pedestal with sculpture

Museum display stands can help curators drive home the purpose of the exhibit and how it fits into the broader scope of things. If done correctly, it can also convey a unique, relatable, educational story that people may be tempted to revisit and share with others.

When shopping for museum display stands, board members should take into account the several things. One of the most important is the type of materials used in the museum display stand’s construction. Ideally, the materials should be strong and unable to cause damage to the display items. It is also vital to ensure that lighted museum display stands are designed to limit or prevent direct UV exposure. The list of safe construction materials to look for includes laminate, acid-free boards, water-based polyurethane sealants and Plexiglas.

Lighted glass sculpture with black laminate riser

Patrons’ safety and security as well as that of the display items should also be considered during the purchasing process too. For instance, it may be prudent to choose museum display stands that allow ample clearance for baby strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, backpacks and other devices. In other situations, museum displays that feature theft deterrent devices or open enclosures that encourage interaction between patrons and the displayed items may be more apropos.

At Pedestal Source, we have a longstanding reputation for creating some of the best museum display stands in the nation. As such, local municipalities and national museum curators alike can count on use to create safe, affordable and stylish displays. We are also always willing to share suggestions on which museum display stands are best for a given situation. To ask questions and learn more about our museum display stands, please contact us by calling (800) 333-9953 today.

Halogen Pedestal Lights Help Turn Lackluster Displays into Inspiring Ones

It is no deep, dark secret that it takes a lot of perspiration, creativity and dedication to create the perfect piece of art. So it would truly be shameful to display it in a lackluster light. Thankfully, there are halogen pedestal lights available that can really make an artist’s work pop.

Corner lit pedestal with glass sculpture

Halogen pedestal lights are designed to last long, produce less soot and emit the most beautiful, bright, white light the world has ever seen. It is widely accepted that because of their inherent nature, the bulbs will draw favorable attention to objects and reduce viewers’ eye strain. In addition, today’s halogen pedestal lights tend to be relatively energy efficient and reasonably priced too.

On the downside, the bulbs can run hot and produce intense reflections or glare. Thus, it is important to pair halogen lights with the right type of museum quality pedestals and artwork. Otherwise, the objects on display could inadvertently heat up and the glare could create an unwanted distraction.

Corner lit pedestal with glass sculpture

At Pedestal Source, we have overhead lighting systems that are custom made for use with our visually dramatic, first-class pedestals and are sold separately for your convenience. The systems make use of halogen bulbs, pivoting hoods and telescoping, stainless steel rods. The rods are capable of reaching heights of 36 or 60-inches. Thus, they may be adjusted or otherwise configured in a variety of ways.
Designed to function as down lights, they are known to work well in various display situations. For example, they could easily be used to highlight clear, semi-opaque and opaque sculptures as well as framed paintings. Just make sure that the bulb is positioned well above the item. It should also have has the potential to provide illumination that exceeds the room’s overall lighting intensity by three.

To learn more about our pedestal light systems and how they may be used to create memorable displays, please contact us by calling (800) 333-9953.