Dress Up Your Indoor Market Booth with Retail Display Pedestals

As an indoor market vendor, you know that attracting people to your booth can be tough. This is often the case during the summer months when the market’s full of competitors trying to capitalize on the influx of seasonal tourists. In those instances, one superior way to standout is to incorporate retail display pedestals into your booth space. Here are a few suggestions:

Showcase Pedestals

Do you have fragile, luxury items in stock? If so, consider using one of our Down Light Showcase Pedestals. The retail display pedestals come outfitted in either a wood veneer or satin laminate. Thus, consumer handprints should wipe off of the pedestal’s base quite easily. Each pedestal stands 72 inches high and is topped with an abrasion resistant, see-through case. The Acrylite case features a discrete, magnetic door that you can use to quickly set up your display item. You also have the option of choosing down or ambient lights.

Illuminated Pedestals with Sirens

If your booth is in a high traffic area, one of our other retail display pedestals may be best. Take our Illuminated Pedestal with locking cover for instance. It comes outfitted with a key and built-in siren system that will help to reduce incidents of retail shrinkage. Thus, you may want to use the retail display pedestal to show off your business’ collection of cell phones, diving watches and gold bracelets.

Economy Cardboard Pedestals

Our Black Superlight Economy Cardboard Pedestals are another option to consider. They are ideal for use at indoor/outdoor, weekend markets that require vendors to break down their displays every Sunday. That’s because the pedestals fold-up and weigh very little. Don’t let their portability and low weight fool you though. Each one can hold up to 75 pounds and withstand 15 mph winds. The cardboard retail display pedestals range in height from 12 inches to 42 inches. As such, you could purchase several of varying heights and position them into a cluster.

For a look at other retail display pedestals that may help your vendor booth standout, contact us at 1-800-333-9953.

A Pedestal Display for Art that’s Lighter than Air

Have you got a beautiful piece of art that you would like to display in your home, but it would be lost on the floor and it’s too big, or unusually shaped, to display on a bookshelf? Or do you want to place something in the midst of a window bay, but don’t want to lose the light that would be blocked by a traditional wooden or stone pedestal? These are some great opportunities to employ an acrylic pedestal display stand.

Here are some more of the many reasons why you might want to consider this unusual material for your display pedestal.

  • Your more ethereal art objects will appear to float in the air when placed on one of our clear acrylic pedestals.
  • A bright, reflective object can easily be lit from below, in an infinite variety of colors-just choose the color of light you wish to use.
  • The acrylic pedestal itself can also be tinted in a variety of colors if desired.
  • We have a frosted option, which allows filtered light to pass through the pedestal, making it appear to glow from within.
  • We have a wide variety of standard heights available, or you can request a custom size for displaying an unusually sized or shaped object.
  • We can easily add a turntable to allow your multi-dimensional art object to be seen from all angles.
  • With the addition of an optional dust cover, your delicate art object will be protected from inquiring hands or unexpected bumps.

Acrylic pedestals will make your more unusual, airy art works and sculptures appear to float on air, so check out our options online today and order this perfect solution for your unusual display needs.

The Right Display Pedestal Can Make All the Difference

Here’s an interesting story about a bike sculpture that was recently installed in Simsbury, Connecticut. Its creation was a community effort with 61 financial contributors, in addition to donations of labor and materials. Costing over $10,000, the Simsbury Bike Sculpture was created by artist Vicente Garcia, who cut, shaped and welded almost 200 pieces of recycled steel to make the art piece, which is three times the size of a regular bicycle and weighs over 500 pounds.

The sculpture was commissioned to commemorate Simsbury’s unique status as the first and only bicycle-friendly city in Connecticut. But, as the first article notes, once the sculpture was installed, viewers immediately noticed a deficiency: “The bike sculpture gets a little lost the way it’s currently displayed,” a community spokesperson admitted.

The problem is the sculpture is just sitting on the ground. Therefore, efforts are underway to build a pedestal to display it so that this $10,000 sculpture won’t be mistaken for an over-sized, rusting bike frame inadvertently left out in the weather.

Many people don’t realize the impact that a pedestal lends to a display. A good pedestal not only supports and elevates, its clean lines, unique styling, strategic lighting, or bold color can dramatically enhance the object put on view. While we at Xylem Design draw inspiration from ancient sources in the creation of our models, many of them are so new that they are patented or have patents pending.

Our pedestals are hand-crafted for beauty and functionality. We take great pride in our product and our business practices, which are based in the principle that “what goes around comes around.” Above all, our pedestals are stable, sturdy and finely balanced.

How can we help you? Contact us at Pedestal Source today to talk to us about any of our finely crafted contemporary pedestals.

Custom Wood Display Landscaping Ideas

Spring and summer are optimal times to work on the landscaping. The nice weather probably has you motivated to make a few changes to your porch, backyard, or other surrounding area. Custom wood displays are a great way to update your outside décor. Here are a few custom wood display ideas.

Entryway arbors direct visitors to a destination in a stylish, grand fashion. If you have a stairway leading to your front door, you might want to create an entry arbor with flowers on top. You can also use an arbor and fence combo to create privacy. Custom wood displays can hold plants, statues, or simply stand on their own. Place these pedestals in front of the arbor for added visual interest.

Pergolas are great for the backyard. They are more substantial than an arbor but less confining than a gazebo. Acrylic sculptures, lighted displays, and other items add a personalized touch to your garden. Display small water fountains, flowers, and more on our easy to clean displays.

Integrate your deck into the landscape by using various custom wood displays. The varying heights of the plants will blend the deck right into the scenery. Use different styles to create a unique design like our illuminated displays for a nightly ambience.

We offer a variety of custom wood displays to suit your every need. The Walnut veneer Donut Pedestal offers a Zen appeal with its’ simplistic design. For a more luxurious look, try our Cherry Image Pedestal with Custom Top. It’s sleek and sophisticated style will be sure to add class to your landscape.

Be sure to glance at our other designs. I am sure we can accommodate you. We are the pedestal source for hand crafted pedestals trusted by companies such as the Westin, Hilton, and other prestigious organizations.

Buying The Right Art Gallery Pedestals Can Make Your Gallery Come To Life

When it comes to career choices, the starving artist has got to be at the top of the list of most difficult. This is why taking every opportunity you are afforded is very important. When you have the chance to show a gallery, you want everything to be perfect, right down to the art gallery pedestals your work will be displayed on.

Getting The Right Fit

Finding the right look and feel for your gallery is a very important ingredient to making the whole thing come to life. By doing your research when it comes to the pedestals you choose to display your art on, you can really make everything come together. No matter if you want to create an earthy feel with a wood pedestal or an overtly arty feel with black and white ones, getting the correct tone is the real key to making everything work out.

Know Your Budget

It is also wide to know how much you can ultimately spend on your pedestals. If you have your heart set on a certain type, but you cannot afford enough to get as many as you need, you may want to downgrade just a bit so you can get the adequate amount of pedestals that you need. This will make all the difference in the world and give you a gallery that will be utterly awe inspiring.

When it comes to art gallery exhibits, it is very important to get the right pedestals for your project while staying under the budget. By doing this, you will be creating a wonderful and long lasting memory in people’s minds while also keeping your pocket book intact. You are, after all, a starving artist. If you have any questions or concerns about our pedestals, please contact us.

Create Glamorous Wedding Reception Decor with Custom Pedestals

A quick survey of bridal magazines and it’s easy to see that summer and fall 2013 are all about vintage glamour. If you do decide to go with the trend, consider using custom pedestals throughout your wedding reception area. They are an excellent and refined way to convey the feeling of timeless elegance. Read on for a few decorating suggestions:

Urban Pedestals

If you plan on using metallic accent colors, our line of urban pedestals would be ideal. Take the Lighted Brushed Aluminum Laminate Pedestals for example. They would look exceptional either lining the corridor to the reception area or placed throughout the wedding reception venue itself. Each pedestal is capable of supporting 75 pounds or less. Thus, you can use them to highlight romantic centerpieces that match your wedding’s theme. Other materials found within our urban pedestal line are polished concrete and handcrafted steel.

Wood Pedestals

Are you hoping to create a Great Gatsby vibe instead? If so, our wood pedestals may be more appropriate. The Burlington Round Fluted Wood Pedestal and the Camden Wood Pedestal are two to consider. The round fluted pedestals would look outstanding placed at an entrance way and topped with cascading flowers. Flowers and greenery to consider placing on top of the custom pedestals are calla lilies, orchids and English Ivy. The Camden Wood Pedestal, on the other hand, would look lovely adorned with flowers and placed on each side of the gift table.

Laminate Pedestals

Our custom pedestals also come outfitted with various laminates. They could be used to create an elegant, Hollywood feel. The laminate pedestals vary in size, shape, color and sheen. Popular finishes on offer are black star granite, high gloss black, crystalline ice, black alicante and antique topaz. To work them into a classic Hollywood design, consider topping each one with art deco sculptures or flower vases.

Would you like more suggestions on how to incorporate custom pedestals into your wedding plans? Contact us toll-free at 1-800-333-9953 or use the live chat option on the Pedestal Source website. We are also on Pinterest and Facebook.

Contemporary Pedestals for The Home

There was a time in my life that I can remember when looking for that perfect way to display my prized piece of art in my apartment; an official Tom Brady bobble-head doll. Turns out, I had just the spot for it on the hand-me-down hassock I was using as a coffee table. Since then, I’d like to think my tastes have been somewhat refined…okay, my wife insists on putting the bobble heads in storage and now we have a perfectly elegant looking actual coffee table. Point is, once you outgrow certain stages in life, you begin to acquire somewhat finer pieces of art to display and therefore the need arises for better displays to showcase said finer pieces of art. It’s easy to think that the current end tables and shelves in your home can properly serve as a display for your finest pictures and sculptures. The tendancy is to think that designer, contemporary pedestals are reserved for museums and galleries. To the contrary, the best made, hand-crafted, contemporary displays can be perfectly utilized in the home and are readily available for anyone willing to look no further than Pedestal Source, a Xylem Design e-store.

The hand-crafted contemporary pedestals found at Xylem Design could be viewed as art in their own right and prove perfectly suitable in every instance as a display for your home’s finest sculptures, pictures, or modern art collection. Wood, acryllic, illuminated, cyllinder-shaped, cube, tall or short, and more. Our pedestals come available in all shapes and sizes, and can provide enough elegance and beauty for your home to be deemed “museum quality” at every casual glance or more concentrated focus of your display piece.

We at Xylem Design approach our business with the same hard-working, honest, and simplicitic values that we put into our products. If you are ever dissatisfied with any of our pedestals or cube tables, contact us and we will fix the problem, replace the item, or refund your money. It’s that simple.

Brighten Your Dark Spaces with Our Mirrored Pedestals

Do you need to set up an attractive display in a small, dark corner space? We have some suggestions for using our mirrored pedestals to help bring light into the darkness.

  • We have a number of tapered pedestals with mirrored bases. They come in a wide variety of laminate colors and textures, each of which is reflected back into the room from the mirrored base. This means that if you choose white or bright colors for your pedestals (we suggest bamboo, oak, white, or Maroochy Brush W), that brightness will be reflected into the dark corners of your display space.
  • Strategically placed spotlights can also reflect off our mirrored bases, and reflective pedestal surfaces, bringing more light into dark areas. Surprisingly, one good choice for a reflective pedestal is our high gloss black acrylic finish, which reflects light with great elegance.
  • You can also choose metal finishes for greater reflectivity in dark areas of a room. We have brushed aluminum pedestals in a variety of shapes and sizes, with two options for adding light to the pedestal itself—through a bright spotlight or soft, diffused florescent light, set below a frosted acrylic top.
  • Choose our Illuminating Mirrored Manual Turntable Pedestal. This mirrored pedestal reflects light back into the room, and also has a lighted, turntable top to make your display item easy to view from all angles. We even have a motorized option so that your fragile product can be clearly seen from all sides without anyone needing to touch the display at all.

So browse our website today, or call us to discuss the particular issues that you may have with your display space. We have so many pedestal options to choose from that we can solve any dilemma you may face, to bring your products out from the dark and into the light!

Art Pedestals Show Support For The Artist

It takes a lot of work to be a successful artist and if you have a family member or close friend who’s aspiring to be just that, you’re probably familiar with some of the traits exhibited by artists. According to Aletta de Wal, successful artists have five very common traits. Two of the five common traits of artists include the fact that art is at the core of the artist’s life and it’s important to surround oneself with people who are supportive. What better way to show that you support your successful or aspiring artist with an acrylic pedestal?

The core

Some artists aren’t going to make a living producing art. Instead, they do it for a hobby, simply because they love what they’re doing. If art is truly at the core of the life of an artist, then showing appreciation for the heart of who this person really is can make them feel better than simple words ever could.

Supportive people

Many artists love to give their works to friends and loved ones. It’s one thing to say “that’s nice” and shove their painting or sculpture somewhere it might or might not be seen. But imagine if they find their piece literally placed on a pedestal where you’ve shown — not just with words, but with actions — that this work of art has meaning for you and it’s highly valued. Suddenly you’ve shifted yourself from being a passive observer to an active supporter.

To choose the perfect acrylic pedestal for a work of art you’ve been given, feel free to contact us. We’ve been in the business of displaying artwork for over 25 years and we’re happy to help you choose the perfect display for a special piece of artwork.

Celebrating Mothers with Love and Pedestal Discounts

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12. That means you only have 4 more days to decide how you are going to celebrate the wonderful mothers in your life. Mother’s Day, specifically in the United States, has been celebrated since 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it to be a national holiday that was to be held every year on the second Sunday in May. Of course, we Americans were not the first to celebrate our mothers, so let’s take a look at how this tradition began.

Ancient Greeks honored their mother of the gods on a special day, Romans honored their version of the mother of the gods, Christians honored the mother Mary, and the English gave servants a special holiday in order to visit their mothers. According to familytime.com, “Julia Ward Howe is credited with first suggesting a day to honor American mothers and to celebrate peace in 1872… Howe organized annual Mother’s Day meetings in Boston.” It took years to formalize the day, but “in 1913, the House of Representatives adopted a resolution calling for federal government officials to wear white carnations in honor of mothers on the second Sunday in May.”

Mother’s Day is now the day that mothers receive cards, homemade goodies, treats, clean houses, breakfasts in bed, gifts, and many other pampered luxuries. The question for those who have mothers or mother like figures is what to get for them and how to show them your love and appreciation?

Pedestal Source wants to help you celebrate and spoil your mothers by offering a special discount of 15% off any pedestal that is not already on sale. Better hurry, this deal will only last until Mother’s Day. Simply call our store at 1-800-333-9953 and mention the Mother’s Day discount and you will receive 15% off any pedestal you choose as long as it is not already on sale.

Give your mother something she can place her other Mother’s Day gifts on, give her something she can keep for years to come, give her something that will help decorate her house, give her something that says “I love you and I want you to have something special.”

Mother’s Day is 4 days away, what are you getting for your mother?