Multiple uses, materials and styles for a cube pedestal

Multiple uses, materials and styles for a cube pedestal

Talk about putting someone on a pedestal. That is what Xylem Design does, building and designing customized types of pedestals made from different materials. They’re small and large, little and tall, rectangular and cube pedestals. Different cube pedestals, like others, will highlight a display in different ways depending on what is being put on the pedestal, how lighting is being used and what features want to be accentuated.

Early this year, Razer debuted its Ouroborus computer mouse. An ouroborus is a mystical creature like a snake or dragon that devours its tail. According to Wikipedia: it “symbolizes self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself.” In that sense, the Ouroborus mouse is recreating the mouse, which is flexible and kind of winds around. What does this have to do with a cube pedestal? Well, the Ouroborus mouse is displayed on a pedestal upon an acrylic cube pedestal.

Writes “As always, the Razer packaging is designed to impress. There is not a box to speak of in the traditional sense, rather a transparent acrylic cube with the Ouroboros suspended on a pedestal within. While I can understand and appreciate the effort put in to displaying such a unique (and arguably expensive) product, there’s a tiny part of my brain that wonders how much of the MSRP is in the presentation. I can’t argue with the end result – one can’t help but feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth before they even use the product.”

The mouse sits tight in the pedestal but it is simple to remove the Ouroboros from the pedestal and the wireless dock is within the acrylic pedestal. In this case, the pedestal was used as a selling point. We know in sales and marketing, presentation and packaging are key elements.

Xylem offers enough cube pedestal choices that would leave Picasso buggy eyed. A black or white laminate with color matching edges are currently 25% off. There are several options in lighted cubes that highlight glass and relief sculpture. They include black, white laminate, walnut veneer, ebonized walnut veneer, brushed aluminum laminate, antique topaz, granite laminate, black star granite laminate, black star laminate, sandy topaz, cherry veneer, maple veneer, oak veneer, and mahogany dyed wood veneer.

The lighted oak veneer, oak, black star granite laminate, and granite laminate pedestals are recommended for hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and waiting rooms. Lighted brushed aluminum laminate, sandy topaz laminate, maple wood veneer, antique topaz laminate, mahogany dyed wood veneer, and granite laminate are versatile enough to be used in different settings.

Using Custom Pedestals to Match Wits with Industry Giants

What do CBS, Maybelline, Jimmy Choo, Dell, Victoria’s Secret, Apple, and Disney all have in common? These dynamic, forward thinking companies, in addition to many others, understand that sales and presentation are reliant on ingenious displays to feature their products. How do they make it work for them?

The use of custom pedestals creates a unique look for the products of these industry giants and gives a single perspective to the brand- one that highlights the features that are important to the consumer and the company. Customization ensures that the company is able to have displays that meet the needs of each individual store, or show, or event, whether it will be a single use or one that will be produced for multiple locations. Obviously these companies have mega-money and big budgets that allow them to seek out and utilize resources that would not be available to the average company- right?

Meet Greg Glebe. Greg began his interest in specialized design and construction in his youth and has continued to use his lifetime of knowledge to create unique pieces for display uses. Greg and the design team at Xylem Design (Latin for ‘woody tissue’) understand that individuality is what propels business sales. Your product is worthy of display pieces that will continue the process of originality from your mind to that of your consumer.

What is your vision for your product display? Can you ‘see it in your mind’? Many customers of Xylem Design have shared their vision and were rewarded with show-stopping pedestals and displays that enhanced their ability to market their products. The best part? Regardless of their budget Xylem Design was able to meet the price-point and provide the best possible solution to the display need.

What are you looking for? Does your custom pedestal have a rich, earth tone wood design? Or is it sleek, modern acrylic? Have you considered a lighted piece? Custom designs are not only possible, but are a passion for our design engineers. Allow us to see your vision- we will be happy to work with you to create a custom pedestal or display that will put you in league with other industry professionals who have come to appreciate the artistry and design of Xylem Design.

Display Pedestals: The Unsung Heroes of the Art World

In museums and galleries across the world the unsung hero of the art world solemnly rests. Few patrons of the arts comment on or even notice them yet they play a vital role in the displaying of art, especially that of the third dimension. Nearly as ancient as sculpture itself, display pedestals hold up the art universe as the Greek god Atlas once held the world.

The use of display pedestals guarantees the highest level of class when displaying in private collections or in museums. The greatest benefit of pedestals is their ability to allow viewers a complete circular view of any piece of art as well increasing the amount of art that can be viewed in galleries by placing works in the middle of the room rather than against the walls. Pedestals can be especially useful for those interested in curating and displaying collections in creative ways as they unleash an almost unlimited number of ways art (especially, but not limited to, sculptures) can be arranged. In fact, the pedestal itself can nearly be a piece of art. With the massive range in complexity, size, color, and shape available an astute gallery owner can match the sculpture to the pedestal the same way a frames are matched to paintings.

Pedestals may not be noticed but they are vitally needed. Without them the patrons of galleries would suffer chronic back pain from stooping to view the smaller works. In the end art needs pedestals just as much as pedestals need art.

Quality Pedestals for Student Sculptures

So summer is here and the living is easy, right? Well, not exactly. Even if you’re a college professor, summer is a busy time, in which you are doing your own research, putting the finishing touches on new classes for fall, and trying to coax one more year out of all your classroom materials. If you teach in the fine arts, you are probably also trying to figure out how you can breathe new life into the limited display options you have for your students’ sculptures. Fabric swatches only work for so many years before it’s time to admit that the display pedestals you have available are just too old, shabby and beat up to do justice to your students’ creativity.

The good news is that some states are, at last, raising college budgets after repeated years of budget cuts in our difficult economic climate. This means that there could, indeed, be funds available for a modest investment in sculpture pedestals.

We have a number of reasonably priced, professionally designed pedestal options which are very suitable for displaying student sculptures. Here are some of the features that make our pedestals your best choice.

  • We have a number of display pedestals which are designed for trade shows. This means that they are easy to disassemble and store flat in limited space-a helpful characteristic when you have limited storage space in your college art room.
  • We have lightweight, economically priced pedestals for smaller sculptures as well as stronger, shorter pedestals and cubes for larger, bulkier pieces.
  • We have standard black or white pedestals, with both gloss and matte finishes, which will display a wide variety of sculptures without detracting from them.

Outdoor Summer Entertaining and Events Made Easy with Pedestals

When most people think of outdoor summer entertaining, pedestals are likely the last thing that comes to their minds. That’s because they don’t realize all of the ways pedestals can enhance an outdoor event. With that said, here’s a look at several ideas:

Hosting a poolside cocktail reception? Consider placing Quick Set Collapsible Pedestals in strategic locations and decorating each one with a votive candle. Your guests could use your pedestals as a temporary resting spot for their wine glasses. Our quick set collapsible pedestals stand anywhere from 30 to 40 inches high and are surfaced with 1/2 inch thick melamine. The melamine is easy to clean and assemble. Thus, they would be ideal for such applications.

Want to use energy efficient, ambient lighting at an evening, outdoor art show or tented wedding reception? Add ultra-attractive, Sign Lighted Pedestals into the mix. Made from 3/16 inch thick acrylic, they come in different colors and feature interior LED lights. The pedestals can withstand 100 pounds of pressure and range in height from a modest 3 inches to an eye-catching 42 inches. The 3 inch pedestals could feasibly be placed on top of outdoor buffet tables to highlight gourmet cupcakes, cookies or other confections. The taller pedestals could be topped with fresh flowers, framed artwork, sculptures and more.

Holding an outdoor sporting event that involves giving large trophies to the winners? Setting up a Square Pillar Custom Pedestal would be an excellent way to draw attention to it. Surfaced with high-gloss acrylic, the pedestal is 16 inches wide and can accommodate trophies up to 75 pounds. In the daylight hours, the sun will cause the pedestal’s surface to look positively stunning. At night time, it could be lit up with the aid of outdoor stadium lighting. Pedestal heights range from 36 inches to 44 inches. As such, you could easily position it on top of a standard, portable banquet table or other similar object.

Want more ideas on how pedestals can enhance outdoor, summer events? Contact Pedestal Source at 1-800-333-9953 or use our online chat option.

Custom Use Pedestals for those Unusual Situations

We will be the first to admit that we don’t know it all when it comes to pedestals. We know a whole lot about making custom pedestals, but sometimes we find ourselves downright surprised by what our customers do with the pedestals we send out to them. Here are some of the more unusual uses that people have dreamed up for our pedestals.

  • Bases for elegant home theater illumination. If you look on our Reviews page, you will see that we sold some fairly standard pedestals to a client who proceeded to use them as bases for tall, Asian floor lamps, at a considerable cost savings.
  • Stands for groups of candles at religious celebrations.
  • Amazing stage props, for everything from bars to bedside tables.
  • Photography studio settings for perfect portraits, such as one of a graduate leaning on a fluted pedestal.
  • Pedestals create amazing ambience at luxury spas, where they display everything from flowing ferns to bowls of fruit or incense.

So what unusual situations are you facing, where a pedestal could be useful? At home, you might think of using a pedestal in the living room, to display a new piece of sculpture, or in the study, to hold an elegant globe or large dictionary. But what about the other rooms in your house? Could a pedestal in your dining room hold your grandfather’s antique clock, or a beautiful soup toureen from your grandmother’s china set? Would a pedestal in the master bedroom make a good place to display that lovely gift your spouse gave you half a dozen years ago, that deserves a special place in your home, and your heart?

Or what about at the office? Pedestals in the reception area, holding potted plants or piles of magazines, are not unusual. But pedestals in a conference room can inspire both employees and customers when they hold displays of valuable memorabilia relating to your company’s history, or samples of the greatest products that your business has produced over the course of its long history.

So think outside the standard uses for custom pedestals, and contact us today to make your creative idea a reality.

Dress Up Your Indoor Market Booth with Retail Display Pedestals

As an indoor market vendor, you know that attracting people to your booth can be tough. This is often the case during the summer months when the market’s full of competitors trying to capitalize on the influx of seasonal tourists. In those instances, one superior way to standout is to incorporate retail display pedestals into your booth space. Here are a few suggestions:

Showcase Pedestals

Do you have fragile, luxury items in stock? If so, consider using one of our Down Light Showcase Pedestals. The retail display pedestals come outfitted in either a wood veneer or satin laminate. Thus, consumer handprints should wipe off of the pedestal’s base quite easily. Each pedestal stands 72 inches high and is topped with an abrasion resistant, see-through case. The Acrylite case features a discrete, magnetic door that you can use to quickly set up your display item. You also have the option of choosing down or ambient lights.

Illuminated Pedestals with Sirens

If your booth is in a high traffic area, one of our other retail display pedestals may be best. Take our Illuminated Pedestal with locking cover for instance. It comes outfitted with a key and built-in siren system that will help to reduce incidents of retail shrinkage. Thus, you may want to use the retail display pedestal to show off your business’ collection of cell phones, diving watches and gold bracelets.

Economy Cardboard Pedestals

Our Black Superlight Economy Cardboard Pedestals are another option to consider. They are ideal for use at indoor/outdoor, weekend markets that require vendors to break down their displays every Sunday. That’s because the pedestals fold-up and weigh very little. Don’t let their portability and low weight fool you though. Each one can hold up to 75 pounds and withstand 15 mph winds. The cardboard retail display pedestals range in height from 12 inches to 42 inches. As such, you could purchase several of varying heights and position them into a cluster.

For a look at other retail display pedestals that may help your vendor booth standout, contact us at 1-800-333-9953.

A Pedestal Display for Art that’s Lighter than Air

Have you got a beautiful piece of art that you would like to display in your home, but it would be lost on the floor and it’s too big, or unusually shaped, to display on a bookshelf? Or do you want to place something in the midst of a window bay, but don’t want to lose the light that would be blocked by a traditional wooden or stone pedestal? These are some great opportunities to employ an acrylic pedestal display stand.

Here are some more of the many reasons why you might want to consider this unusual material for your display pedestal.

  • Your more ethereal art objects will appear to float in the air when placed on one of our clear acrylic pedestals.
  • A bright, reflective object can easily be lit from below, in an infinite variety of colors-just choose the color of light you wish to use.
  • The acrylic pedestal itself can also be tinted in a variety of colors if desired.
  • We have a frosted option, which allows filtered light to pass through the pedestal, making it appear to glow from within.
  • We have a wide variety of standard heights available, or you can request a custom size for displaying an unusually sized or shaped object.
  • We can easily add a turntable to allow your multi-dimensional art object to be seen from all angles.
  • With the addition of an optional dust cover, your delicate art object will be protected from inquiring hands or unexpected bumps.

Acrylic pedestals will make your more unusual, airy art works and sculptures appear to float on air, so check out our options online today and order this perfect solution for your unusual display needs.

The Right Display Pedestal Can Make All the Difference

Here’s an interesting story about a bike sculpture that was recently installed in Simsbury, Connecticut. Its creation was a community effort with 61 financial contributors, in addition to donations of labor and materials. Costing over $10,000, the Simsbury Bike Sculpture was created by artist Vicente Garcia, who cut, shaped and welded almost 200 pieces of recycled steel to make the art piece, which is three times the size of a regular bicycle and weighs over 500 pounds.

The sculpture was commissioned to commemorate Simsbury’s unique status as the first and only bicycle-friendly city in Connecticut. But, as the first article notes, once the sculpture was installed, viewers immediately noticed a deficiency: “The bike sculpture gets a little lost the way it’s currently displayed,” a community spokesperson admitted.

The problem is the sculpture is just sitting on the ground. Therefore, efforts are underway to build a pedestal to display it so that this $10,000 sculpture won’t be mistaken for an over-sized, rusting bike frame inadvertently left out in the weather.

Many people don’t realize the impact that a pedestal lends to a display. A good pedestal not only supports and elevates, its clean lines, unique styling, strategic lighting, or bold color can dramatically enhance the object put on view. While we at Xylem Design draw inspiration from ancient sources in the creation of our models, many of them are so new that they are patented or have patents pending.

Our pedestals are hand-crafted for beauty and functionality. We take great pride in our product and our business practices, which are based in the principle that “what goes around comes around.” Above all, our pedestals are stable, sturdy and finely balanced.

How can we help you? Contact us at Pedestal Source today to talk to us about any of our finely crafted contemporary pedestals.

Custom Wood Display Landscaping Ideas

Spring and summer are optimal times to work on the landscaping. The nice weather probably has you motivated to make a few changes to your porch, backyard, or other surrounding area. Custom wood displays are a great way to update your outside décor. Here are a few custom wood display ideas.

Entryway arbors direct visitors to a destination in a stylish, grand fashion. If you have a stairway leading to your front door, you might want to create an entry arbor with flowers on top. You can also use an arbor and fence combo to create privacy. Custom wood displays can hold plants, statues, or simply stand on their own. Place these pedestals in front of the arbor for added visual interest.

Pergolas are great for the backyard. They are more substantial than an arbor but less confining than a gazebo. Acrylic sculptures, lighted displays, and other items add a personalized touch to your garden. Display small water fountains, flowers, and more on our easy to clean displays.

Integrate your deck into the landscape by using various custom wood displays. The varying heights of the plants will blend the deck right into the scenery. Use different styles to create a unique design like our illuminated displays for a nightly ambience.

We offer a variety of custom wood displays to suit your every need. The Walnut veneer Donut Pedestal offers a Zen appeal with its’ simplistic design. For a more luxurious look, try our Cherry Image Pedestal with Custom Top. It’s sleek and sophisticated style will be sure to add class to your landscape.

Be sure to glance at our other designs. I am sure we can accommodate you. We are the pedestal source for hand crafted pedestals trusted by companies such as the Westin, Hilton, and other prestigious organizations.