Premium Museum Display Stands Can Help Pull Local Exhibits Together Properly

Starting a community museum is a rather large undertaking. To begin with, there is all of the advance preparation needed to obtain the building and artifacts. Then there is the matter of pulling it all together to create exhibits that people are actually going to enjoy and want to see multiple times. For that, community organizers should consider investing in museum display stands.

Hanging pedestal with sculpture

Museum display stands can help curators drive home the purpose of the exhibit and how it fits into the broader scope of things. If done correctly, it can also convey a unique, relatable, educational story that people may be tempted to revisit and share with others.

When shopping for museum display stands, board members should take into account the several things. One of the most important is the type of materials used in the museum display stand’s construction. Ideally, the materials should be strong and unable to cause damage to the display items. It is also vital to ensure that lighted museum display stands are designed to limit or prevent direct UV exposure. The list of safe construction materials to look for includes laminate, acid-free boards, water-based polyurethane sealants and Plexiglas.

Lighted glass sculpture with black laminate riser

Patrons’ safety and security as well as that of the display items should also be considered during the purchasing process too. For instance, it may be prudent to choose museum display stands that allow ample clearance for baby strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, backpacks and other devices. In other situations, museum displays that feature theft deterrent devices or open enclosures that encourage interaction between patrons and the displayed items may be more apropos.

At Pedestal Source, we have a longstanding reputation for creating some of the best museum display stands in the nation. As such, local municipalities and national museum curators alike can count on use to create safe, affordable and stylish displays. We are also always willing to share suggestions on which museum display stands are best for a given situation. To ask questions and learn more about our museum display stands, please contact us by calling (800) 333-9953 today.