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Statue, Sculpture and Art Gallery Display Pedestal Stands

Black Wedge Pedestal

Starting at: $181

Cortez Textured Pedestal

Starting at: $159

Cherry Alder Wood Pedestal

Starting at: $170

Natural Alder Wood Pedestal

Starting at: $170

Mojave Alder Wood Pedestal

Starting at: $170

Concrete Laminate Pedestal

Starting at: $222

Corner Lights

Star Rating

21 Reviews

Starting at: $175

Ambient Lights

Star Rating

11 Reviews

Starting at: $200

White Wedge Pedestal

Starting at: $181

Clear Acrylic Stand-Offs

Starting at: $100

Knotty Alder Pedestal

Starting at: $291

Knotty Pine Pedestal

Starting at: $291

Explore the Many Different Types of Art Pedestals for Sale

Our assortment of sculpture, statue and art gallery pedestals for sale shown above include the following:

  • Standard Pedestal: Our standard art pedestals give you the flexibility to display all types of pieces with confidence, whether the setting is a home, museum gallery, shop or private office. Use them for everything from sculptures and pottery to artifacts and even high-end trade show samples.

  • Cylinder Pedestal:Our cylinder-shaped art display pedestals work well if you prefer a more rounded presentation vehicle for your pieces. Choose from numerous options such as sleek, smooth black or white satin laminate, the natural look of Cherry Wood or Oak Wood and many others.

  • Tapered Pedestals: A tapered display is wide at the top and features a base that narrows as it approaches the floor. When used as a sculpture or statue pedestal, a tapered display piece helps create a more modernistic visual presentation.

  • Wall Displays: Designed to fit against a wall, this type of display provides a solid alternative in areas where space may be limited. We offer both wedge and square-shaped pedestals that can work equally well as pedestals for statues, sculptures and other artwork.

  • Collapsible Pedestals: Our selection of collapsible pedestals offer the advantage of quick assembly and disassembly for a convenient portable display solution. The unique three-piece design enables you to flatten and reassemble them in seconds. Collapsible displays are ideally suited for mobile art exhibits, since you can easily transport them from one gallery to another.

  • Table Pedestals: A table-shaped pedestal enables you to show off several pieces at once, which is ideal for a larger display setting. Tables arenít included in our standard art gallery pedestals as of yet, but weíre happy to design and build a custom product to your specifications.

  • Display Cases: A display case featuring acrylic material helps protect a valuable piece while helping to create an elegant presentation. Itís also an excellent choice for showcasing memorabilia. Be sure to ask about our attractive custom display case options!

Check Out Our Entire Inventory of Art Gallery Pedestals for Sale

We invite you to explore our entire collection of attractive, durable art pedestals for sale. If you need help selecting the right one for your display needs or need customization assistance, just let us know and weíll be happy to help. If youíre ready to order, our simple, streamlined e-commerce site makes it a fast and easy process. Donít see what you need? Give us a call!