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Established in 1987, Pedestal Source is the premier destination for custom pedestals and displays. At Pedestal Source, we specialize in elevating your displays to new heights with our handcrafted pedestals and custom displays.

Male in grey shirt and prown cap wiping a dark brown wooden cylinder pedestal in a spray booth. He is wearing a respirator mask. he is using a white cloth to wipe pedestal.


Our team of skilled display builders is dedicated to crafting premium display solutions tailored to a diverse array of industries and purposes. From showcasing fine art and collectibles in galleries to presenting trophies and awards with distinction, we work with clients to ensure their vision is made into reality.

Our expertise extends to retail merchandising, where we offer versatile display options to enhance product presentation and customer engagement. We design and create sophisticated displays for hotel lobbies, office spaces, commercial environments, and trade shows, providing comprehensive solutions to elevate any setting.

Explore our range of customizable products designed to meet your specific requirements and enhance your display experience.



Four pedestals outside in a grassy field. From left to right: black laminate tapered pedestal with glass red bowl. White rectangular pedestal with silver orb-like piece on it. dark wooden grain rectangle pedestal with two ceramic white rabbits. a darker wood pedestal with a bright red chicken sculpture.


Image slideshow

Tell your brand's story through images.


Image slideshow

Tell your brand's story through images.

Built & Shipped in 10 business days

Your time is valuable. That’s why the team at Pedestal Source is dedicated to building and shipping quality displays in 10 business days for standard products. We make each display pedestal by hand to order, and utilize FedEx Ground Shipping to keep your new pedestal or display gets to you safely. We’ll send you a personalized update when we box up and ship your new display pedestal so you are in the loop.


From art collectors to big brands, we work closely with our customers to create custom pedestals that fit their needs.

We design the perfect pedestals for any piece you want to display. From the size and shape to the lighting, our display specialists are well-versed in the nuance and detail of how to choose the right pedestal for a wide variety of objects.

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Custom & Standard Displays

Do you have a display in mind you can’t find online? We can work with you to create custom displays and pedestals.

Whether you're looking for a specific size, material, or finish, our team is here to make it happen. This includes pedestals, display cases, tables, cash wraps, lighting integrations, and turntables.

Ready to bring your vision to life?

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Displays For Every Industry

Trade Shows

Eye-catching trade show pedestals and event displays to get traffic to your booth. Customize the experience with our expert designers.

Photographer point of view is of the window display of a Las Vegas outlet store. Through the window, you can see two green trees bookending mannequins in drapey clothing and a grouping of three cylinder pedestals of varying heights. There are shoes on the pedestals. There is a bright pink poster behind the pedestal with a model posing in front of white all caps text that reads "THE SNEAKER COLLECTION ''.
Retail Displays

We craft retail displays for high-end boutiques and department stores that seamlessly integrate functionality with aesthetics, providing the perfect stage to showcase your merchandise and captivate customers.

Museum floor with giant windows. There are three large white pedestals that are low to the ground. They are displaying wooden sculptures reminiscent of trees.

Elegant display pedestals for art museums, history museums, and more. Create an interactive environment with the right display for every piece.

  art gallery with large crystal in foreground. In the background, there are three psychedelic paintings. along the back wall are 5 dark wooden pedestals with large geodes or crystals displayed on them

Every piece needs a pedestal. Our display specialists can help your art stand out by working with you to choose the color, shape, and lighting for your display pedestal.

Seven black laminate pedestals lined up. the center is a cube, and the three on either side are increasing in height. on each pedestal is a superhero figurine from DC comics.

From figurines to sneakers, your precious collectibles deserve a magnificent display. We make a variety of collectible display cases, including acrylic boxes, display pedestals, lighted cases, and more.

four black laminate pedestal tables in a waiting room with white couches around it.
Commercial Spaces

Design a comfortable and inviting lobby or waiting area for your customers with minimalist cube tables, floating shelves, and more.



Everything is designed and built in house. We love working on a wide range of custom projects, from desks to cash wraps to custom displays with tech integrations of all sorts.

Whether you need pedestals, shelves, tables, or custom displays, we're here to help you build it. If you can't find it in our catalogue, we can build it. Let’s chat! 800-333-9953

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