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Art Display Pedestals

At Pedestal Source, we pride ourselves on creating the finest art display pedestals available. From the first step to the last, no detail is overlooked: highest quality materials, color-matched edges, industry-leading durability, and a quality guarantee. Rest assured that the sentimental and financial investment you place in your art, sculpture, award, or trophy is foremost in our minds. Whether you're a residential collector, business, or museum, we at Pedestal Source recognize the trust you place in us.

Shop our collection to find the perfect art pedestal to fit your artwork and your space, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Custom Art Pedestal Options

We understand that each piece of art is unique and may require a custom solution. That's why we offer custom art pedestals tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a sleek black pedestal for an art sculpture, a white art pedestal to match your gallery's aesthetic, or a particular size to fit a specific space, our team will work with you to create the perfect art display pedestal. Our art gallery pedestals can be customized in terms of height, width, shape, and material to ensure your art stands out as it should.

Lighting for Art Display Pedestals

Proper lighting can transform the way art is perceived. We offer a range of lighting options to enhance your art display stands. From ambient light to spotlights, overhead lights, and corner lights, we provide museum-quality display cases with overhead lighting and lighted acrylic pedestals. Our lighting solutions are perfect for showcasing your artwork, adding depth, and highlighting intricate details. Whether you need lighting for artwork in a home setting or a professional gallery, we have options that will bring your display to life.


Variety of Pedestal Shapes and Dimensions

Our offerings include a variety of pedestal shapes and dimensions to suit different types of artwork. We can build cube tables for a modern and sturdy presentation, cylinder pedestals for a sleek and elegant look, and display cases for an extra margin of security. Each shape provides unique advantages, whether you’re highlighting a single piece or multiple items. Picking the right shape for your pedestal depends on what kind of art you are displaying. If you need help deciding, we can help.

Our custom sizing and building capabilities ensure your pedestal perfectly fits your vision and space requirements. No matter the shape or size, our pedestals are crafted to enhance the beauty and prominence of your displays.