Display Cases

Display Cases

Benefits of Display Cases

Display cases are widely used in museums to protect and present artifacts and art pieces. Museum pedestal display cases offer a sophisticated and secure way to exhibit items while keeping them accessible for close viewing. In retail settings, display cases enhance the appeal of merchandise, attracting customers and boosting sales. They’re ideal for displaying high-value and luxury goods like jewelry, watches, and more. Display pedestals are also well-suited for your home. They are perfect for displaying awards, collectibles, and memorabilia in your residence.

Materials and Customization Options

We offer display cases in various materials to match your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. If you already have a pedestal, you can add one of our acrylic dust covers to create a secure acrylic display case. This is ideal for adding a clear acrylic display case to your existing marble or wood pedestal. You can even add latches or locks for additional security. Acrylic display cases are popular for their clarity, durability, and versatility.


Lighting and Custom Enhancements

Lighting is a crucial aspect of display cases, and we offer several custom lighting options to suit your needs. LED display cases and lighted glass display cases create an eye-catching display with even illumination. Our display cases with lights can feature ambient tops, top lights, or bottom corner lights, highlighting your items from various angles. Custom enhancements like turntables can be added for a more dynamic presentation, making it easy to view items from all sides. Need more customization? We can make that happen. Give us a call at 800-333-9953, and one of our Display Specialists will help you design a custom display case.


Why Choose Display Cases

Choosing a display case over a simple pedestal significantly impacts how your items are perceived and protected. Display cases offer an enclosed environment that shields items from dust and physical contact, which is crucial for delicate or valuable pieces. Whether you need a retail display case to boost sales, a shadow box display case for memorabilia, or a display case for sale to add to your collection, our range of options ensures you will find the perfect solution. Display cases provide protection, security, and sophistication.