Pedestal Source FAQ

Displaying new art in your home or office, or designing the perfect retail environment, can be a daunting task. We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make those crucial decisions on how to display a statue or other art, collectibles, trophies, or retail merchandise. Additionally, consult our blog for more detailed discussions of all things display related.

What is your turnaround time?

For all standard orders, we build your order within ten business days after the day you place your order. For example, if you order on a Monday, it will ship by the next Monday. It then ships from our shop in Fort Collins, CO to the address you provide.

For custom orders, turnaround time can be longer and will be based on production schedule, which we'll discuss at the time you place your custom order. We do our best to fit you in as soon as possible and hate to keep our customers waiting.

CLICK HERE to read more about shipping and learn how long shipping will take.

Do you do custom jobs?

Yes. Though we've curated our standard offering to meet the vast majority of display needs, modifications to size and dimensions are not a problem. Just give us a call!

You can also check our our Flickr profile to view a curated collection of user submitted images of Pedestal Source pedestals in the homes of collectors just like you.

How much will my pedestal hold?

Typically our standard pedestals hold up to 200 lbs. However, we rate our pedestals below their ability to hold a static load as it's always "safety first" for us at Pedestal Source. That said, we've tested up to 1800 lbs on one of our standard pedestals successfully! This was a zany, extreme test to prove the integrity of our products and certainly NOT what we recommend our customers to try. We can build additional support into your pedestal for items over 200 lbs so contact us if your item is heavier.

How stable will my pedestal be?

While we build all our displays as stable as possible, stability ultimately depends on the type of floor you're placing the display and the physics of the item you are displaying. Hardwood, stone, and tile floors are the most stable, while carpeted floors might require a larger pedestal base footprint. Contact us if you're concerned about the stability of your displays, we have numerous additional ways to ensure stability above and beyond simply choosing the right size.

We often ask, will your pedestal be top heavy? Remember that the smaller the footprint and taller the pedestal, the more susceptible it will be to falling over.

Some questions to consider are:

  • Is the piece well balanced over the pedestal?
  • Is the pedestal located in a place where it can be bumped or hit by a powerful wind gust?
  • Is the piece being displayed lightweight and susceptible to wind gusts?

What if my art weighs more than 200 pounds?

We recommend reinforcing the top of the pedestal when very heavy pieces are going to be placed on a small amount of contact area, or when a piece is going to be bolted on and would create unusual stress on the top plate.

To reinforce the top, we double up on the thickness and place floor joists underneath and place extra bracing along the vertical joints to create an extra hefty joint. The bottom line is that we can work with you on a custom pedestal for any pieces that weigh more than our 200 pound recommended limit.

When do I anchor or stabilize my pedestal?

If there is any concern that your piece could be broken or harm someone, we recommend taking extra measures to stabilize it. A few ways to do so are:

  • Order museum/quake wax. This is a clear, stainless and removable putty that helps absorb jarring bumps, so your piece doesn't have to.
  • Add a false bottom. We can add a simple and removable false bottom panel to your pedestal, allowing you to place sandbags inside your pedestal and re-attach the panel. This lowers the center of gravity and simply adds mass to the pedestal, making it more resistant to bumps.
  • Double stick foam tape discretely adheres to your product's surface and allows for simple but strong mounting.
  • Screw it down with a locking sub-base.

Do you have lighting? Do I need lighting?

Lighting is available for any of our displays and it's one of the most important variables when displaying any kind of art, and has an incredible impact on the look and feel of the display. Lighted pedestals come standard with a clear cord and foot switch, though remote options are available that allow you to fine-tune brightness and color of your light. Shop our different lighting options on our lighting page and check out our lighting design tutorial.

Can I have my pedestal constructed with dimensions not listed in your standard sizing chart?

Our sizing chart includes the most commonly ordered display sizes, but we also work with our clients to build displays that fit individual needs. If you can't find the right pedestal on our site, contact us and we'll help.

I want to change out the bulb in my spotlight or ambient light pedestal. What types of bulb can I use?

We only recommend using either a compact fluorescent or LED bulb, which come in a variety of colors and lumen levels.

Warning: Do not use incandescent bulbs. They are a fire hazard. These produce too much heat can melt or burn the pedestal.

If you have any questions about your lighted display, please call us.

How can I keep my pedestal clean?

  • Laminate Displays: Windex is a great cleaner for all of our laminate pedestals and displays.
  • Wood Veneer Displays: these are made of real wood, so any quality wood furniture cleaner works well. Examples include Pledge and Weiman.
  • Acrylic Displays: use ammonia-free Windex!

Do you have a showroom?

While we welcome visitors to the shop, we don't have an official showroom. We do provide free phone and online design consultation (give us a call!) and we're happy to send you material/finish samples.

I don't see the exact finish I want. Can you help?

We have listed on our site a large selection of the most popular or classic finishes. That being said, the possibilities are practically endless. If you see a finish you want elsewhere, get us a sample or a part number and we can quote and craft your perfect custom display. However, production times may be longer than the standard two weeks for any special ordered material.

What if I want to order a turntable but my sculpture is too big for the standard sizes?

Our turntables are raised ⅛" off the top of the pedestal so that if your piece slightly exceeds the diameter of the turntable, it won't scrape against the top of the pedestal. That being said, we typically recommend ordering a turntable big enough to fully contain the base of your sculpture. If one of our standard sizes isn't big enough, we're happy to discuss a custom size.

Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. Our customer success specialists can walk you through getting measurements and ordering the perfect turntable pedestal for your sculpture.