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Pedestal and Display Lighting Guide

Why might you add a lighting element to your pedestal?

Lighting can have a variety of effects on a display, from dramatization to exposing subtle details. Every piece is unique not only in its dimensions, but also in the message you want to convey. We have multiple lighting options to offer, each of which caters to distinct design needs.

What should you consider when making a decision about lighting?

  • Source of light to adjust highlights and shadows

    • Light from an angle -> Corner lights
    • Light from below -> Ambient Lights and Spotlights
    • Light from above -> Adjustable Overhead Lights and Display Cases
  • Lumens and Wattage - brightness and electrical current

    The amount of light shining on a piece clearly has a strong impact on its appearance. We have a wide range of wattage / lumen options to offer you. Though the physical size of bulbs and lighting elements change, the projected lumens are relatively consistent for all pedestals. See Bulbs for more information.

    • Lumens: Amount of light projected
    • Watts: Amount of energy used
  • Colors and Kelvins - tones and warmth of light (dynamic bulbs)

    Beyond our standard neutral white CFL bulbs (4100K), we offer adjustable LEDs that can dim, change RGB color and / or temperature. Temperature is the apparent color or the light source, which to many eyes appears on a scale of warm yellows to sharp blues.

    • Temperature and brightness adjustable LED
    • Dimmable LEDs control the Kelvin output ("color temperature”)
    • Color-changing bulbs control the RGB output
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) - the colors your lighting will reveal

    The color rendering index measures the ability of a light to faithfully reproduce the colors of the object it is illuminating. The scale measures from 0 (poor) - 100 (perfect).

    • It is the light source illuminating an object that determines how well humans see colo
    • Number indicates relativity to natural appearance, ie how object appears under 6000K
    • Scale is 0-100; 70 is often the minimum for showrooms / displays
    • Incandescent / halogen bulbs have a CRI of 95+, but these bulbs are being phased out for many reasons (lifespan, wattage, env impact)
    • Very few LED bulbs have a CRI over 90 - it is the current challenge the industry is tackling
    • Red and cyan are the first colors lost with LEDs
    • CRI is a poor indicator for perception of light produced by LEDs scores as low as 25 can produce vivid white light and render reds strongly
  • A Little More About Bulbs

    We use CFL bulbs for standard Ambient and Spotlight pedestals – these can be upgraded to dynamic LED bulbs. Corner lights, overheads, & showcases all utilize LEDs. We do not use or recommend incandescent or halogen bulbs for any of our products because they are inefficient and pose a fire hazard.

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